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BTCs (Big Timing Cunts)

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by dingerr, Dec 13, 2010.

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  1. Usually they're to be laughed at, mocked, you know the type, the Tommy two shits, if you've been to Tenarife they've been to Elevenrife.

    Normally their antics remain within the confines of the Armed Forces where they do no real harm, however this BTC is trying to dupe readers of the super soar away Sun into believing he was a war hero.

    The Millies: Outstanding Sailor/Marine and Best Unit Awards | The Sun |News|Campaigns|Our Boys

    He's not a walt, he is serving and has been to Afghanistan as a Conventional Munitions Disposal (CMD) operator. He has not completed the number of tasks stated and was never in the danger he intimates in the write up.

    I appreciate the Persec rules of ARRSE, however I would suggest it's no longer an issue.
  2. Dingerr, have you considered that he might have been put there by media ops and told to say something interesting?

    Is he fibbing or just exaggerating a bit?

    Given what you've lost I can see why it annoys you when someone else steals your thunder, but he's just some harmless speccy gimp.

    I find this whole millies thing in extremely bad taste anyway.
  3. No mention of his Underwater Knife Fighting course either.
  4. I stopped reading it after this bit.

  5. He's big timing and it's not about him stealing my thunder. A mate pointed the article out to me, we were having a bit of a chuckle because he really did next to fuck all during his tour, yet here he is up for recognition he really doesn't deserve.

    He was disliked by the majority of the group (more so than me!!!!!).
  6. I don't think that's the chap Dingerr is on about.
  7. Sorry mate, I thought you were getting a bit of a sad on about it, you're right, I have no idea what he's talking about ( I assume he was disposing of UXO from the pits) and I found it funny and exaggerated.

    I saw an interview a mate gave a newspaper, at the time we'd not done anything, we'd just done RSOI and stagged on, but this lad made it sound like WW3.

    You wonder how much of it is just out of embarrasment of not having any interesting dits to tell.
  8. Some people are just very self promoting. I started the thread not for this BTC, but any BTCs that people have come across.
  9. Your OP is all about this BTC fella, stop squirming.

    Having said that its a fucking embarrassing read, no doubt a few crating are going about after the chadness of the reporting..... "Black hawk down, Black hawk down"

    Especially Dinger bell who appears to have been properly busted down to Marine


    Having said that good efforts all round especially for the medic dropping scalpels in peoples wind pipes STRONG STUFF
  10. Dingerr,

    With all due respect for your personal circumstances, I'm saddened to see you treating RN EOD personnel with the same RLC-focused scorn you usually reserve for the Sappers.

    Here are some points to ponder:
    a. The individual concerned did not nominate himself.

    b. It's good to see some public acknowledgement that there are Naval Service personnel (usually around 1,000 of them) deployed in Afghanistan, as well as Pongos and Crabs.

    c. The nominee and his team were seconded to 49 Field Sqn (EOD), 33 Eng Regt.

    d. The Sappers with whom RN divers routinely operate in Afghanistan have suffered their share of casualties despite the 'lowly nature' of their EOD duties.

    e. Two other RN teams have been deployed since the nominee returned. This article describes how the second tream, operating with 21 Eng Regt (RE), was greeted:

    This doesn't sound like a 'cushy number' to me.

    f. Since the nominee has been openly identified and is still serving, is it fair to vent your personal hostility towards him in a public forum?
    Congratulations to all of the nominees, irrespective of Service, unit or individual personality.
  11. re reading the thread, I'm gonna say the original post (Dinger) is out of order and the following posts trying to "disarm" the first are fairly shit as well

    In fact binning the whole fucking thread would be a good option.

    Its not a good look dinger, no matter where you are coming from
  12. Dunservin, there's a difference between saying all RN EOD are big timing cunts and saying this guy who I know is a big timing cunt.
  13. Having read the 'story', it looks like typical Sun hyperbole, they fellow's actual words would have been re-written and sub-edited out of all recognition anyway, and on a personal note the chap is doing a job I would not care to have to do.

    Hats off to him.
  14. What job did you(do you) do?

    I'm only asking 'cos I'd rather blow up a pit of UXO than confirm an IED (which all arms have to do).

    If that's what he was doing.

    If he was out there making IEDs safe then you're right, hats off to him.
  15. The lads credibility has been questioned on a public forum in which i find completely out of order . The Scum reporters with there flair for artitstic recreation through ther reporting would make a very long NAFFI queue look like the Retreat from Saigon .
    This guy has a family who no doubt our very proud of his achievements . Lets not tarnish the guy ffs hes only doing his job .

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