Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by milkybar, Oct 26, 2005.

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  1. Hi just wondering has anyone been employed by British Telecom or been to a job interview with them, just after some advice.

    edited due to being a biff
  2. I may have some experience :)
    What position you going for?
    Like most big corporates, its usually criteria led interviews. ie - "can you give me an example of where you've managed conflict?" Then they probe down until they get the answers they need. All fairly standard HR stuff - there is probably a fair bit on the web about it.
  3. I may be able to help, however its "BT" by the way, the use of British Telecom is frowned upon as it is not world freindly!

    If you can post some more info, either on here or by PM I'll see what help I can offer.
  4. Unreal. Heard the same thing about British Petroleum - it's now just "BP". What a pile of bollox
  5. see

    BTGS is a very, very good employer - they live and breath high standards - professionally and technically.
  6. Am in the process of leaving BT - but I can say that its a reasonable place to be - they have a deserved reputation for looking after their people. Having said that, it can be extremely bureaucratic, slow moving and frustrating.

    The real question is - which bit are you going into? BT is massive, and some bits are much better than others. (and GP3 - my own personal experience of working in the bit of BT you've linked to is not one of "high standards - professionally and technically"!!)

    It has pros and cons just like everywhere else, to be honest. PM me if you want any more details.
  7. I know you should see the trash they employ :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

    Thanks GP3 for the link, gawd knows what your on .... the lowest paid job advertised in my area was £70K
    Do they put lower paid jobs in the local rag??
  8. If he works in the bit of the business I think he does (the same one as I'm leaving) then we are all horrifically overpaid!

    You might want to try as a link to a bigger list of BT jobs, but I'll summarise what they do:

    BT Retail - some field engineers who dig holes in roads. Lots and lots of call centre people selling stuff/fielding complaints. Plus all the associated management gubbins
    BT Wholesale - some field engineers who dig holes in roads (again). Plus lots and lots of management gubbins relating to keeping the network running. (planners, schedulers etc)
    BT Global Services - the IT bit, does networks, big IT projects in public and private sector.

    Its got about 100000 people, so there should be something in there for you!
  9. The ones that left here for that part of BT didn't tell me that 8O