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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by cow741, Nov 3, 2009.

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  1. Anyone else use this?

    I was logged on yesterday, went away for a coffee, came back, browser had crashed, so shut it down and restarted browser. Logged back in, and my email inbox was completely empty.

    Phone calls to their "overseas" call centre shall we say, proved fruitless as the poor chaps were unable to think about anything outside of their script which extended as far as "do you use outlook and have unchecked the box saying leave message on server"
    "no i use webmail, nothing else, no email clients or mobile devices"
    "do you use it on a pda of mobile phone"
    "no just webmail"

    "then i think you deleted the emails"
    "no, the trash is empty, and why would i empty my inbox voluntarily?"

    Losing my rag here with them, going to make a few more phone calls and try and hopefully get back to an engineer in the UK or even the US who might know something!!
  2. I had the same problem yesterday

    I dispair at what passes for BT's customer service.
  3. No probs with mine, I just use if for e mails though I can sympathise about the customer service problem. Mine went on for so long I wrote to the chairman and hey ho they soon got in touch via an English call centre and problem solved!
  4. I have had no problems with BT yahoo mail
    What pishes me off is when you want to talk to BT by phone, it takes 20-30 minutes to get through to someone
    but when BT want to sell you something they expect you to take their call immediately
  5. I've had very little trouble with BT Yahoo, but I mainly use my btinternet address on my home pc, only using the yahoo part when away from home. When I have used the yahoo part, it is stored in yahoo until I log into the btinternet bit, then it clears.

    As for customer services, if you insist on speaking to someone in the UK they will give you a telephone number for the London based people, but it isn't freefone.
  6. Been using Bt Yahoo many years and never had a problem with it. My one niggle is the new chat thingy, seem to come and go whenever it wants but never use it.

    Regarding the above fault, never heard of anyting like that before, unless you actually physically do something you should not lose your mail from the server, have you looked in the Trash folder, or did you log into the correct account? I have a number of accounts and have mistakenly done that to see an empty account when I knew there was mail!!

  7. Since my last post, I had a problem with my broadband. Spoke to the 'Customer services', in fact 14 Indians and one English woman. As a result of my problems, am now with Sky!