BT vison any good?

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by brettarider, May 31, 2008.

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  1. Getting this installed next week as part of the package I've got so is it any good or just shite got my doubts about that sort of content/picture quailty streaming down a phone line
  2. Quality is there but depends on your line speed can cover live streaming. Ok if just you but if kids spanking the broadband wife shopping and your downloading at the same time its goign to suffer.

    Believe it works similiar to SKY anytime in that programs are downloaded during quiet times so you have a library of "on demand" programs.

    Let us know how you get on.
  3. Great just for me and will be fitted on Friday so I'll post the results soon after all going well
  4. Cack - thats my opinion.

    I work for BT and got the Vision Box for £1 as part of an employee benefit package.

    I have Sky downstairs and decided to place the vision box in the bedroom as I dont have sky piped around the house. After two weeks of use the vision box is getting downgraded to the kids bedroom and I am going to spalsh out on Sky mulitroom so me and the missus can watch bang babes from the 900's.

    I never used the movie/sport viewing section of the box - only the freeview part with an external aerial plugged in. Unless you have good reception then you aint going to pik up much on the freeview side. Also, dont know if it is just a fault/sys bug but the remote control response suffers from lag.

    From my experience you cannot beat Sky for the best viewing experience. The Sky system is much slicker than any package out there i.e. BT vision/ Virgin Media. From the on screen presentations of the menus to the speed in flicking between channels is far superior.

    Take my advice - stick to Sky.
  5. Well its BT and at moment they aren't on my good side. Dodger what area do you work in e.g I.T etc...
  6. had it for 6 months,

    for the money, it's pretty good with a VAST array of on-demand movies, and other content, plus the ability to record two seperate programmes simultaneously to a generous 160 gig hard drive recorder (pvr). also you are able to pause live tv, which is very useful!

    you will need to have a decent wide band tv aerial fitted to your house or the reception will suck. i got a (huge shiny) new one installed for under £100.

    downsides are the aforementioned remote control lag, about 400ms i'd guess, which is a little irritating, as is the lack of a reminder function.

    as with most things, early adopters tend to suffer glitchy problems from time to time, but if you don't mind that, the technology is moving quickly and i'm sure they will iron out all the kinks.

    i have maybe one crash a month, which simply requires you to switch off and on again, but this is largely due to the operating system being windows CE!!

    all in all, great value for money, little glitchy at times but generally very good. new (mk2) set top box coming soon too i hear.

    consider that a recommendation.
  7. i work for BT too and gifted mine to sister, nothing but problems, 3rd box and is fecked again, better going to Asda and buying one from them
  8. Got rid of Sky and went the whole BT package thing. Its been great. Never had any problems with it so far and paticularly enjoy all the documentries and other progs you can get through on demand.
  12. I have had it for over 6 months and think its great, braodband has speedy download and a huge library of tv music etc with tv replay and the films are out on it before video release