BT Scam steals money from the MOD


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Now I know that the MOD isn't the most efficient organisation when it comes to spending money, but to have it in effect stolen by British Telecom is a bit rich!

"A MERSEYSIDE BT call centre was part of a multi-million pound Ministry of Defence call-handling scam.

An investigation sparked by a whistleblower revealed that between 1999 and 2005 millions of false calls were made by BT workers to make sure targets were hit.

The fiddle may have cost taxpayers at least £8m.

Details emerged as one of the five BT workers sacked for her part in the scam lost her claim for unfair dismissal.

Single mother Anne McHugh from Aintree was sacked from her job as the St Helens call centre manager for gross misconduct after admitting instructing staff to make phoney calls.

But Ms McHugh told an employment tribunal: “I felt that I had to go along with it even though I didn’t agree with it. I did know it was fraud but who did I report it to? I am a single mum of two children – I didn’t want to lose my job.”

Four BT call centres, at Dumbarton, Kettering, Wakefield and St Helens, handled MoD calls from British bases into the UK.

The MoD paid for all the calls, but if the centres failed to answer them within a certain time limit, BT had to pay a £30,000 monthly penalty to the MoD.

Staff bonuses also depended on the targets being met so staff phoned each other on auto-diallers to rack up extra calls."

Should BT be made to pay back the money? What do you think are the chances of anyone getting fined/sacked/otherwise disciplined over this? Does anyone think that the other three sites were involved in this, or was it only Scousers on the rob?


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The MOD/Courts need to find out how many calls were made falsely and get that money back. If it transpires that the call numbers would not have been sufficient without the fraudulent ones to avoid the £30,000 monthly MOD charge, then for each month this occured, the MOD should expect to get not only the overcharging, but each month of £30,000 fines also.

OfCom should also issue a large punitive penalty too.
I got in trouble for refusing to do dodgy stuff when I was working for BT years ago.

When a customer rings up and asks for an alarm call tommorow morning, there are two types, an automated one that cost about 20p and an operator ringing which costs about £3 .

BT by default give you the £3 call, there are people that run up huge bills calling for an alarm call before realising that it costs £3 , you are not allowed as an operator to tell them of the cost, or that if they mention the word automated it will cost them 20p rather than £3.

to cut a long story short, I was eventually sacked for booking automated calls and refusing to rip people off for BT, so this doesn't suprise me in the least.
She should be jailed for engaging in fraud. So should the Directors on BT for not having a process in place to detect fraud.

They should be forced to refund all charges and also to pay compensation to the MOD.
Threaten to move the entire account to a competitor.

BT may well be in breach of existing contracts, whether knowingly or unknowingly.

It's wide open for a feral MoD'er to demand all sorts of concessions and favourable tariffs in return for a continued BT contract.
One BT fat cat bonus will cover the cost of a refund! :evil:
How much are the monthly penalties BAe have to pay for not delivering projects on time? What are the penalties for Sodexho and the like failing to meet contractual obligations for messing? Or how much has been paid by MHS for failing to met standards?

The MoD must be rolling in money... :evil:


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It does not exactly show MOD in a good light either. That is not exactly monitoring a contract and service delivery. FFS, why did they not ask for an analysis of the calls made before parting with £30K per month?

BT are the culprits but MOD seem to have allowed it to happen. IMO

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