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Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by cheekyruby, Dec 4, 2012.

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  1. Needing a wee bit help here...
    I have had Virgin Media TV,Internet and Phone for sometime now, its done the job and never had any bother with it. However BT are now installing fibre broadband in my area, BT Infinity. So my question is, is BT Infinity any good and is there any problems with it?..
  2. Depends how far from the cab you are, after 2,000 metres VDSL drops off quite badly, if you're fairly close it works just fine.

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  3. With BT it depends on your area whether you will get true FTTH with a fibre connection into your house which is capped at around 70-80megs or whether its FTTCAB so the local cab down the road is the fibre node with copper into your house. The latter will see you capped on broadband speed around 65megs ish dependant on distance from the cab. The service is solid mind but pricey. Future speeds will be release dependant on customer uptake and competition with Virgin, remember all other resellers such as Sky and talk talk will be dependant on the BT fibre network and may cap their speed accordingly. Also as BT upgrade their equipment and up the speed 3rd parties can be slow to upgrade you in turn.

    Virgin however are only doing FTTCAB keeping the copper coax into your house but your footprint to the Cab is much smaller so speed will not be an issue, Virgin will try to get you 100meg+ and the word is they are looking at pushing the whole home broadband market to 200megs+ next year so it could be the better investment especially as their product gives more and costs less.

    BT are struggling to get customers back from Virgin, so much so they are scaling down some fibre upgrades in high density Virgin areas.

    BT are not going to be left behind, slowly they are getting their act together and they are the only provider doing large scale fibre to the home network upgrades in the UK.
  4. BT is great if you can still get hold of it, it kills off wax moths in my beehives and keeps the colorado beetles down on German potato crops a treat!
  5. BT Infinity Option 2 (no download limit, well, it's 300GB a month). I have it and it's excellent. HOWEVER, they throttle torrents/P2P at peak times. Peak is 1600-0000 weekdays and 0800 - 0000 weekends.

    Here's how you get round that on uTorrent:

    Options > Preferences

    > Click "Randomize port each start", ensure all four boxes here are ticked.

    > Tick "Alternate upload rate when not downloading".
    > Maximum Upload Rate should be ~ 1/2 of your actual upstream bandwidth. I.e. if you have a 1Mbit upstream you would have a theoretical maximum throughput of 128Kbyte/sec, so in here you would enter 64 (It's in KB, not Kb)
    > Altername upload rate when not downloading should be ~ 2/3 of your actual upstream bandwidth, so again assuming 1Mbit upstream, you'd enter 85
    > "Global Rate Limit Option" - ensure none of these three boxes are ticked
    > "Number of Connections" - Global: 256. Per Torrent: 64. Upload slots: 8. Tick "Use additional if under 90%"

    > "Basic BitTorrent Features" - ensure all boxes are ticked except "Enable Bandwidth Management" and "Limit local peer bandwidth"
    > "Protocol Encryption" - Outgoing: Forced. Allow incoming legacy connections: Ticked.

    > "bt.transp_disposition" - increase to 255 and click "Set"
    > "net.max_halfopen" - ensure this is set to 100

    Here's my speed:


    They're ******* about with a new cab closer to my house, so I'll get my 64 download back presently.

    £18.85 a month. I do remote server admin for some of my clients, and the speed is perfect for full 32-bit colour virtual-desktopping, as well as uploading humungous CAD drawings to RS.
  6. Oops, my bad :) download (2).jpg I thought you said bitty or not bitty .
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  7. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    Hovel in ******** of nowhere has BT. Works fine, faster than Ms Skids who's on Virgin in the big city. Although she hasn't got the upgrade yet
  8. Im not far from the cab its at the end of my street...hmm about three lamp-posts away...from what your saying it might be better to stay with Virgin Media? the plus side from BT is they offered free installation and free internet for three months I would only be paying for the phone..

    Saucedoctor, you seem to have no bother with it at all...I dont really down load a lot of stuff, I would say my son is the biggest user for online gaming, Xbox and ps3 depending on his for me I just surf the net and shop....
  9. What speed are you getting off Virgin at the moment, They are still upgrading the basic package of 30megs up to 60megs and 60 megs upto 100megs for free, so in that respect hold on as you will have FTTCAB speeds+ for free anyway.
  10. Not to boot the Bearded One as a sweeping generalisation, but my experience is as follows: I have never spoken to a Virgin (or NTL) customer here in NI who doesn't want to behead someone. Before my girlfriend lived in my cellar, erm I mean with me, she had an apartment and her downstairs neighbour was with Virgin. The thing fucked up so much that I ended up running a 25m CAT5 from Kate's BT HomeHub out through the balcony doorframe and through same into the apartment below. I did a similar thing for my parents' neighbour by sticking a Cisco AiroNet in my Dad's garage.
  11. I'm always wary of fiddling/adjusting I torrents settings but I shall retry as we've infinity and the peak throttling period is a right pain in the a...

    Cheers SD

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  12. ^^ If the randomise port thing doesn't work, deselect the option and use port 80 - they cant throttle that without buggering up your email.
  13. Depends on what you do I reckon. I moved to BT as although Virgin have no download limits they do throttle your connection if you actually try and download anything. BT don't.

    Edited to add: except for torrents, but I'm not a big user so never noticed that.

    So with Virgin I'd buy something on Steam, press download and watch it working until the throttling kicked in. Then everyone else in the house would shout at me as the internet was slow. Wait a few hours, it speeds up until it hit the cap again and we repeat. What's the ******* point of a fast connection you can't actually use ?

    The BT router - sorry, home hub - is shit mind. But with Infinity you get a small white box that plugs into the wall (as opposed to the Home Hub into the adsl socket) so you can plug your own router into that and crack on.

    And BT customer service is just as shit as Virgin's is so no gain or loss there.
  14. The BT stuff works fine - difficulties occur when you have a problem. I have spent three months trying to get BT to acknowledge a mistake with my billing and to rectify what was their error.

    BT's customer service is very poor.

  15. The speed coming out of the cabs is 120meg at the moment too so there is space for further increases. The fibre to the home they are looking at doing 300meg. I of course still cure whilst I'm installing it knowing full well the buggers have not done my cab.