BT New Slogan - Complete W@nkers

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BanjoBill, Oct 31, 2008.

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  1. We've just changed our home phone number form a BT Business line to a residential line.

    Nothing difficult there - you would think... however we did have some additional services on the line that we wanted to keep going. Unfortunately nobody at BT seemed to realise what they sell, items such as call diversion and Call Sign to say the least.

    I had no less than four operators at BT tell me if we changed from a business service to a residential service, that we would not be able to use either call diversion or call sign.

    Wankers! obviously either lying, scamming, thieving bastards, or just thick as pig shit, or both.

    It only took three weeks of waiting and eventually four hours of telephone calls, being passed from one wanker to another... until I eventually phoned their complaints department with threats to publish my telephone recordings on YouTube. Amazingly - I was put through to an engineer who did it straight away.

    Although I lost one of the line numbers, I have just had to re-order call sign and call diversion separately, as apparently they cannot be transferred from business to residential -- why... is a complete fucking mystery.

    The real interesting part of all of this was the predicability, I fully expected to be fucked about, given wrong information and to be passed through a chain of incompetent wankers before eventually calling their complaints department... tis why I recorded the calls.

    There is a strong case for Speckled Jim vs BT when it comes to speed and reliability.

    Why is it whenever I phone any fucking company with more than about 2.5 employees.... it's the same fucking story. It is almost excusable when I phone the council, as they employ empty headed morons... but in companies where they need to make a profit... is this the new workers union of keeping their jobs safe - by being thick as fucking pig shit...?

    A snippet:

    BT Operator "We don't provide call sign for residential customers."
    Me "It's on offer on your website for £1.75 per month."
    BT Operator "I don't think so."
    Me "I think you'll find I'm right, I usually am."
    BT Operator "Where is it on our web site?"
    Me "You click the link that says 'Products & Services' and it's all there."
    BT Operator "I don't have internet from here."
    Me "Why ask then?"
    BT Operator "Just wanted to be sure."
    Me "Are you paid a bonus to ask stupid questions for which answers you will receive - you cannot or are unable to qualify?"
    BT Operator "Sorry?"
    Me "Me too."
    BT Operator "I don't understand."
    Me "That's why you're so highly paid."
    BT Operator "Are you being sarcastic."
    Me "Have you forgotten why I called."
    BT Operator "No, but why have you called?"

    And on and on....

    Rant off.... ahhhhh that's better!
  2. 'Cnuts' the lot of them. Once it's sorted, publish the transcipts anyway.
  3. Czn you post the recordings anyway? Perhaps edited highlights... Could make for some funny listening.
  4. They'll probably try to sue you for recording the conversations without telling them first.

    Talk to the supervisor. Threaten to complain if they aren't helpful, and keep your threats.
  5. I think you do BT a dis-service here. It's not just them, it's nearly all these people that are employed in call centres. They aren't trained properly, they work from a script and are paid sh1t. Mongs one and all!

    I'll lay a bet that for every nightmare call you've made to BT, I can find someone with 10 others!

    Was it an overseas call centre by any chance? Current trend seems to be UK call centres to sucker you in and make you think you'll be speaking to someone with English as a first language, but then once your in, it'll be India, The Phillipines.....Outer get the drift!

  6. Before you start talking to them, say "please note that this call may be recorded for entertainment purposes". It will probably confuse them or they won't even notice, but you will have met your legal obligation to inform them that a conversation is being recorded (as well as they do when they say 'for training purposes', but they actually mean 'so we have evidence if you use abusive language to our staff').

    As you say, why is it that companies larger than a one-man band have such arrse-elbow interface problems?
  7. Hit the nail on the head with that one. Have seen this first hand having previously worked for a gas company with an in house call centre. In that case most of the staff were temps on minimum wage, with no technical knowledge.

    They dont give a fcuk because they get paid wether youre happy or not, they get dozens of people a day ringing them to give them abuse and the turnover rate is such that none of them last longer than a few months which compounds the problem further.
  8. I feel obliged to clarify the legal situation regarding the recording of telephone conversations.

    The law as it stands at the moment states that provided one person taking part in the conversation knows the call is being recorded, then there are no special requirements.

    In short - only one person in a conversation is required to know about the recording and that person can be you... or in the aforementioned case - ME.

    I do like the suggestion of telling them the call is being recorded for 'entertainment purposes'. :lol:
  9. For the past three weeks I have had 3-4 calls a day from Capital One asking for someone I've never heard of. I've tried telling them, I've left them on hold for various lengths of time (because it's my business phone never more than ten minutes) and I've even picked up the phone (their caller ID is 0800 422 0294) yelled fcuk off and slammed it down.
    3 times I have asked to speak to a supervisor. Twice I've been refused convo went like this:

    C1 - Is that Simon David **********
    Me - May I speak to your supervisor please.
    C1 - Is this Simon David **********
    Me - No, he doesn't live here and I have been telling you that for 3 weeks so now I'd like to speak to your supervisor.
    C1 - I cannot put you through to a supervisor, data protection you know.
    Me - Data protection does not stop me from speaking to your supervisor.
    C1 - I'm sorry sir, data protection.
    Me - Put me through to your damn supervisor.
    C1 - I cannot continue this conversation if you swear at me.
    Me - Fcuk off

    I really did say damn, I had put him on speakerphone and the mem sahib was wetting herself.

    Finally I was phoned by a guy who wouldn't put me through to a supervisor but said he would ensure my phone number was deleted from the list. That was last night, I live in (not too much) hope.
  10. I feel obliged to clarify the clarification...

    You do need to inform the other party, if you intend to release transcripts, or the recording, to a third party or parties.
  11. Cow

    Cow LE

    Telephone recording 'rules'

    I install and maintain Voice Recording Systems. Have a quick read, as long as you tell them you're fine. Problem comes if you need to use the information in the call and you haven't told them, then it becomes inadmissable.

    Edit: ^ beat me!
  12. No chaps, you don't... I have personal, first hand experience of recording someone who tried to defraud me over the phone, I recorded his conversation, I didn't tell him, I called the police, the recording was played in Crown Court - he's doing six years.

    Believed me... on this rare occasion - I really do know exactly what I am talking about here.

    Only one person in a conversation needs to know it is being recorded... that can be the person making the recording. If I was wrong... then it would not have been used to help convict the scum bag... who had stolen 1.8 mil.

    And yes... six years is a long time... but then he did upset HM Constabulary when he threatened to murder them, and then carried out a denial of service attack on their switchboard, plus he ignored instructions from the judge to hand over about 600k he had taken and hidden in the USA.

    A terminal wanker if there ever was one. Sorry to disappoint FC... but your clarification of my clarification is incorrect and required further clarification by means of an example. Just for clarification.

    Edited because it was 1.8 mil and not 2.8... flunked maths... English... Geography etc....
  13. Can you clarify that?
  14. Well that just goes to explain why I will never be a lawyer...

  15. That's strange considering the system they use to set up phone lines etc is a live online system and they're told to check the internet for products, prices etc whilst on the phone to customers.