BT MOD Helpline is its existence well known?

Is the existence of the BT MOD Helpline well publicised within the Forces?

I only ask as I knew nothing about it until I tried to cancel my contract with BT fully expecting to have to pay exit penalties, I was however given the number of the BT MOD Helpline who as we have been posted at short notice waived the outstanding charges ( nearly £300) less £25, I was to say the least extremely surprised and pleased.

In case it is not well known the number is 0800 872872, if everyone else in the forces knows of its existence I shall crawl back into my cave and stop bothering you all.
I have just (22 Aug 16) used this service, although the number is now 0800-3289625. Call answered after 2 rings by a lovely, real person in UK who could not have been any more helpful than she was (she was Shirley, by the way). I am being moved after 7 months in SSSA, and the remaining 5 months of my BT phone and broadband 12 month contract was waived, saving £207 as quoted when I tried to do it through the 'normal' BT route. Outstanding service, absolutely delighted!

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