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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by whatnow?, Oct 26, 2008.

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  1. :evil:

    i have Bt internet, 8 meg is the supposed target i have yet to see more than 3 on a good day !

    i realise the deal is UP TO 8 meg but i dont even get half on a daily basis, it was one of few isps i could get at the time (wanted 02 but they werent here then)

    Question is is there anything i could do to get out of the contract or something to sweeten the pill i have to swallow for the next year!

    Any advice from the vast wealth of arrse would be welcome !

  2. BT are Shite , Had nothing but problems with them , bad connection speed's,crap customer service , connection keep on going down .
    Changed to Sky last year ,nothing but praise for them , Quicker connection , good service and touch wood the connection has never gone down , and it is a fraction of the price.
  3. I hate to say it but you are stuck with your contract

    btw - you do realise that the Chairman and sole owner of BT Internet is the Emperor Mong
  4. I had a similar problem when I got my laptop. I moved the main PC upstairs into my sons bedroom. I had the floor boards up to get a phone line into his bedroom. Horrible job, I got all dirty and dusty.
    At the time I never realised that the router did not have to be connected to the PC, and my broadband speed, supposedly 8 Meg was about 1 meg.
    After searching various forums, I moved the router to the Entrance hall where the phone line enters the house, it went up to about 2 Meg.
    Last month we had a problem with our phone line, although the internet worked the phone lines were dead.
    A BT engineer came round. He took apart the box where the phone line enters the house, then was surprised that we could get broadband with the filter that was inside. He replaced the filter with an updated one, I
    now have 6Meg broadband.
    The phone lines are still cutting off, but as I rarely use the phone, who gives a flying f**k. I have 6 Meg broadband
  5. It also depends how far away you are from the telephone exchange. I have a 16 meg connection but because we are 5 miles from the exchange we never go above 10 meg.
  6. Same here.
    Sky watch, talk & surf rocks.
  7. It's not just distance, it's the quality of the cables in the ground that account for most of the signal loss. You could be sat right on top of the local exch but if your connected through as old wet cable or an aluminium cable your connection will be shit. There's plenty of the stuff out there too.
  8. As said above BT are crap. But i found this seriously helped with my line, hope it helps in some way.

    New ADSL faceplate/filter
  9. Be careful, the front plate on the NTE belongs to Openreach, not BT. If repalced and an engineer is out you will be charged £85 to replace it. Best bet is to insist on an SFI visit and the engineer will replace it free of charge with an official one!
  10. BT are now selling a "thingie" that is ment to be fixed into your master socket, that is ment to improve your line connection. - I would know I am on Sky Max - Its £10 a month, I have a 16MB connection with a true unlimited downloads!
  11. haha, funny.

    Im on BT and my connection is fine...the internet switches it's self off at 11:30 bang on every night tho so i have to restart the router.
  12. BT here.. over 2 years not one prob... helps allways there AND i can understand them... your spead is set in the first two weeks of use... i left mine on 24/7 looking at vids on loop... no probs :D
  13. yorky,,, did you sort your prob out ???? was it your own PCs settings