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Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by beemer007, Sep 17, 2011.

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  1. Mods please move if wrong location,

    Anyone had any experience of this... teething problems etc

    Or is it just that BT are finally catching up to the Fibre Optic Era & only available in selected 'Residential' area's, IIRC businesses have had this option available to them for some time unless i stand corrected,

    Previously been a cable Virgin customer however since been posted earlier this year I was unable to stay with Virgin & BT Infinity has become an option.
  2. We just have the normal BT hub, but I have found that since they brought out the Infinity, ours has slowed down slightly, well I'm sure it has. I think this is a ploy to try to get people to swap over, but it is costly. Personally for the cost I'm going to change to Virgin or Sky, but it also depends on how much choice you have in the matter. But as you stated, you're unable to stay with Virgin.
  3. I have infinity and currently have 40mbps download as the fibre to the cabinet is right outside my flat. Don't have any problems with it whatsoever.
  4. I expect that you will have a mega stash of porn then?
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  5. Funnily enough I had a letter from BT this morning saying I could upgrade to this and it would probably cost me nothing as I'm already on Option 3 with them. May give them a bell to see if that is the case.
  6. I would love faster internet, but because my unit is in the sticks we are not able to get anything faster than 1 Meg and BT are not willing to upgrade for us to get a faster service.
  7. Auld-Yin

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    I have also felt that the 'pooter has been slower for the past month or so, and Infinity is available in my area this month I think. Cynical - Moi. :(

    BT are good at providing internet services - where they fall down dramatically is in their customer care - or rather customer? Don't Care.
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  8. This is something I suspect all providers do. When I started renting in 2008, I went with Sky which was great for a while and then unaccountably slowed down, resulting in my having to upgrade to get the original speed back. Guess what? When I moved back into my house late last year I went for Virgin cable; brilliant for a couple of weeks or so, then it slowed down - had to upgrade to get at least the initial speed back.
  9. Well the 'BT' estimated download is 29 mbps & 2 for up for my specific location (according to their docs) so it will be interesting to compare to what i had previously with virgin, i'll ask the engineer on monday where the cabinet/exchange is located here & query the reduced download speed,

    xdm, do you conduct regular speed tests (to show BT evidence of this)?
  10. I have BT Infinity, Currently getting 37.2, the cab is 400 yards from my house. No issues. As an added bonus, the BT Engineer who installed the VHSDSL modem was a cracking piece of skirt in her mid twenties. Nice jubblies too.

    BUT: Torrent throttling between 16:00 and 00:00 weekdays, 09:00 and 00:00 weekends. However my BT insider tells me that this is temporary, and that the extra RJ45 on the VHSDSL modem (has a sticker over it at the mo) is for when they roll out the 100MbPS service in the not too distant. The torrent throttling will then be less severe, and then will be discontinued altogether.

  11. I got a call from them saying the same thing, turns out to be true. I'm not sure what they get out of it unless it allows them to bin some of the old equipment.
  12. Correct. See here: SamKnows - 21CN Overview and here: 21CN - BSIA

    I've done some work on this project prior to the Marconi "unpleasantness"
  13. Were you on Option 3 as well?
  14. BT are doomed. You'd be as well investing your pension in Greek Euro bonds.

    They're already transferring customers' data to the far corners of the earth and it won't be long till they provide your direct debit details to some 'bankers' in Nigeria 'cos they put in the lowest bid for doing the debit details to some 'bankers' in Nigeria 'cos they put in the lowest bid for doing the billing.
  15. Not until all the copper is replaced by fiber and it would take, massive investment to do that.

    What we are seeing at the moment, is piecemeal replacement by many companies. The first in my area didn't last.