BT Homehub 4 Download Speed Issue

Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by Horridlittleman, Aug 13, 2013.

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  1. I have recently moved and took out a new contract with BT for broadband, phone and youview. I have several devices using the broadband both wired and wireless. My laptop appears to be the only one that is suffering with speed issues.

    I am able to watch on demand on a big tv, Mrs HLM can surf quite happily wirelessly and phones and tablets connect without issue yet for some reason my laptop has the following speeds:

    Wired it is:

    Download 6.71 Mbps
    Upload 0.79 Mbps

    Yet wirelessly it is:

    Download 0.06 Mbps
    Upload 0.78 Mbps

    I have no malware or viruses, I'm 2.5m away from my router with no obstructions, my wife sits next to me and has no issues wirelessly.

    I would phone BT but speaking to their helpdesk makes me want to commit suicide.

    The only thing I can think is it is something to do with the dual band because a week ago I'd been using a homehub 3 with absolutely no issues whatsoever.

    Does anyone have any idea what I could do to solve this problem because it is painfully slow? Cheers.
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  2. Have you tried turning it off and on again? Check you don't have two devices trying to use the same ip address. Disconnect everything else then clear your network settings on the laptop and reconnect it and see if that solves it. Sometimes it can take a little jiggery pokery.

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  3. Cheers. Already done.

    How do I find out what IP address devices are using?
    I 'forgot' the network on the laptop and reconnected but it still has the same low download speed.
  4. Start > run > cmd > ipconfig and you should see a 192.168.1.whatever number the router has assigned it. Go into the hub settings and see what devices are currently connected up to it. Give the router a factory reset, everyone will have to enter the wireless key again but it could give it a kick ***********. Unfortunately its hard to diagnose online!

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  5. Uninstall the wifi adapter in the laptop, reboot, and let Windows find it again. This has worked for me in the past in similar circs.
  6. Checked the devices and there didn't appear to be a clash of IPs.

    Done a factory reset. So will see how it goes.

    Really stupid question but how do I do this and how does it get found again - is that just a magic computer thing I don't need to worry about?

    PS why are VWs shit - I'm looking at a transporter/caravelle?
  7. make sure you have a password on your router as well or Tomy next door maybe downloading your bandwidth too
  8. Bugger. Speedtest shows 0.05 Mbps. That's with no other devices running in the house.

    I might just dig out my old hub3 and try that. Not now though as I need my beauty sleep or I'll get grouchy and angry when I speak to BT about the 3 hour 'hold and transfer' phonecall they inflicted on me today (yesterday) about a f£$ked up HDMI socket on their Youview box!
  9. Default password set from the router but it's a small military patch and I'm seeing enough other hubs to reckon that all of my neighbours are 'routered' up as well. I would have suspected that if every device in my house was slow but it's just my machine at the moment.
  10. Right, I've:

    - uninstalled the wireless adapter from my laptop and reinstalled it.
    - checked IP addresses and there are no clashes.
    - tried changing the channel on the router.
    - tried turning off the 5Ghz connection on the router and using just 2.4GHz.

    No joy on anything.

    Any other ideas?

    DTC, I can't get fibre as it isn't available here. Although it isn't the speed of the internet that is a problem - what is coming into the house is fine, all of the other devices are running without issue.
  11. The best thing I have found with anything to do with BT is to switch providers....

    Just ask yourself, what would EMSAV recommend...
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  12. drain_sniffer, whilst I hate BT customer service (although if you kick off enough they will give you free cash) the phone, broadband and Youview are just what I need. Unfortunately while I'd like to blame them it appears to be something with my machine but nothing makes any sense.

    As for what EMSAV would say .... well of course it would be an extremely well informed comment as she is a self certified expert in all things, ever.
  13. Going by what you have already tried I would check all your device drivers are upto date then If they are try a cheap USB wifi dongle, disable the onboard wifi and see what you speed get from that.
    I recon BT will ignore you as the problem you are having is only with one device and its not theirs.
  14. Would it be a good idea to get a local PC Technician in to sort out your laptop?