BT Home Hub Problems

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by sc_obvious, Apr 10, 2008.

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  1. For some unknown reason, my PC and XBOX360 would/will not connect to my BT Home Hub. The wireless signal seems to be intermittant and when it is there the neither the XBox or PC will connect to it.

    It connects no problems when I run an ethernet cable to the Hub but the wireless problem is annoying me now.

    Has anyone had this problem before ?

  2. SC - had this same problem. It is due to the latest update that is installed automatically onto the homehub.

    After several pointless conversations with BT, i gave up and bought a new linksys gateway from PC world for 40 quid, and it is much better (better signal, faster speed, less problems etc etc).

    BT's comment was 'we are aware of this problem, and it will be rectified in the next update' - i asked when said update would be, and they couldnt tell me.....

    Google E homehub for some very techy explanations.
  3. Try changing locations of the home hub if possible, or the kit attached to it - can be problems over distance or through thick walls/floors. Electronics can cause havoc too - Microwaves, hairdryers are known to be an issue as well as any radio transmitters operating nearby in the same unliscened bands (more homehubs, wireless routers etc).

    Your neighbours are not running a pirate radio station are they?
  4. Had a problem when I moved into my present place with a baby monitor and a video sender both of which tend to work on 2.4GHz destroying the signal from my router. Baby monitor was just a case of changing the channel it worked on, but ended up binning the video sender.

    Any of this kit your close neighbours have will affect it to a lesser degree.

    Looks like Daede has got the main reason for your problem though.
  5. Clue is in the name ....................BT
  6. Been having problems with 2.4G cctv system co-existing with wireless router. Have binned the CCTV, put in a wired system and router now working fine.

    Best thing I've done with it is to start using etehrnet over mains of PLC modems, these plug into a domestic socket and route the network over the mains. Using Zyxel 100 devices, 85Mb, very reliable kit
  7. Bin the home hub, they're crap.

    Get a linksys or netgear router, they are ten times better.
  8. I have always been curious why people flock to use AutoCad. Let me explain.... The original AutoCad was written in assembler by a small group of blokes and sales really took off when the product was released. There were some management changes as the company grew, and the original software writers didn't like the direction the company was going. They left and formed Evolution Computing.

    The 2 main products, EasyCad & FastCad were\are written in assembler and from a users POV, speed. Redraws are virtually instant. The drawing files when saved are miniscule compared with AutoCad.

    Before you think I work for them, I don't, I'm just a very satisfied user for over 12 years. I believe that BAe use the software too. Ohhhh, I forgot, each licence is about £1500 less than AutoCad last time I looked. If you can, give them a try.
  9. WTF has happened here ??!!

    Can one of the Mods look at this problem, I was answering the CAD thread and it came up here. Is there still a software problem?? Can the post be moved?? Thanks
  10. My thoughts exactly. Wondered what autocad had to do with a BT Home Hub !
  11. Cheers mate, best dig out my old Belkin router