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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by CaptainWillard, Sep 9, 2009.

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  1. Apologies if there is already a thread on this (did a search but nothing came up)-

    I have recently moved house and decided to have my internet through BT Homehub. They sent me one out and told me I would have broadband connection by midnight that night (21 August).

    The Broadband light did not come on and so I phoned to report the problem. After talking to many Indian call-centres and spending a lifetime on hold it transpires that there is a fault at the exchange requiring replacement of a 'tie-pair'.

    I have been phoning most days after that and been given review date after review date as to when the work will be carried out. The next one is 15 September! Obviously this is not acceptable and I am going to tell BT to come and collect the Hub and work it right up their collective ricker. To add insult to injury, they are charging me £120 for the privilege of reconnecting my phone to them after I moved in.

    My questions are:

    1. Has anyone else had similar problems?

    2. If I decide to go with another provider will this work at the exchange still need to be carried out or is it only necessary if using the BT piece of sh it?

    3. As BT have been sadly lacking in anything remotely resembling customer service, I want to make it my mission to complain as vociferously as possible. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions that results in at least mildly annoying them or at most exposing them and their Home-Turd broadband system as the biggest pile of sh ite to as many people as possible.

    Sorry again if it's been asked before. Any help as usual will be greatly appreciated...


    Quis Separabit

    Vestigia Nulla Retrorsum
  2. DID YOU PHONE THEM ON THE SAME PHONE LINE? if so its not a split pair that is your problem, as if it was you would be unable to use the phone never mind the internet.It sounds as if some one has not activated the phone line for broadband at the E side, i think BT takes 7 to 10 working days if that is the case it will take the same time no matter who you use as a ISP.Is there any cable broadband near you?
  3. Yes I phoned from the same line. Initially I did not have the 1571 service either which they said was down to the same problem. However that kicked in a couple of days ago after I registered a formal complaint with them.

    With regards to cable, I considered going with virgin and did a postcode search with them. However they said our new area wasn't connected yet.

  4. I have just contacted BT regarding changing my provider and they said it takes approximately 2 weeks to switch the line over. I then have to phone them on that day and they can then arrange to connect the broadband, which will take another 5 days.
    There was an article in one of the papers at the weekend saying that BT are not charging the £120 connection fee but a lot of the call centre staff don't know this. I will see if I still have the paper and e-mail you later the exact details on that.
  5. I have BT broadband and BT Vision and apart from a few minor problems, which I could have sorted myself (not speaking to India) if I had read the manual, I have had a good service.
  6. It took us six weeks to get bt broadband ,Apparently our problem was that bt did not install a right pcb with our connection on it and the right distance at the local exchange . Also we found that having two phone connections in the house the bt box on the lower level wouldn't work only the bt box on the upper level . we tried connecting to a different provider but you have to have the bt connection sorted at your local exchange anyway .
  7. Thanks, I'd appreciate that MW. And thanks to everyone else for the rest of the comments so far...

  8. I had quite a bit of hassle in my old house with my Hub connection and got so pissed off with it I phoned BT Head Office in London as the Call Centre was utter garbage and sent me round in circles. Lo and behold a few hours later a marvellous lady from Newcastle called me and it was sorted soon as and on top they sent 3 free hub phones and 6 months free broadband rental!
    No such problems in my new gaff I must admit and the connection has been spot on.
    I'd advise going to the head office, it certainly got the ball rolling for me.
  9. Willard. You're going to have to put a little pressure on them: tell them you want to end the contract because they haven't fulfilled their half of it. Or call Disconnections. That way you should at least get some of the freebies that Jack-Daniels got.
  10. Do not believe anything that they tell you about problems at the exchange or split pairs etc.... its all bollox. The problem is they simply have not "turned on" your service at the exchange.

    BT are such a huge company that occasionaly it goes tits up for a few users and they just can not react fast enough, when connected though the service is without equal.

    If it it makes you feel any better they have just done exactly the same to the personel director for the Open Reach Division (the person in charge of all the field engineers!) when she moved, she also had to wait the same as the rest of us!

    Don't move your custom as you will no doubt regret it in the long run, but kick up a stink and accept any freebies / goodies offered.

    Good luck

  11. Fancy flogging one of your spare handsets then? :)
  12. I think it's worth putting up with BT in the long run and the call center has always worked OK for me.
  13. Putting up with BT in the long run, PAP......
    Was with them for 3 Yr's Nothing but trouble, Line kept cutting out , Lost BB connection on numerous of occasions and also getting fobbed off by their customer service in bloody India.
    Best thing i ever done was telling them to shove it 2 Yr's ago.
    Been with Sky for 2 Yr's now , Never had a glitch . fingers crossed.
    Or maybe i have just been lucky.
  14. BT has always been a joke for us...

    3mb at best...
  15. It's in the loft I think, let me know if you want it and I'll dig it out.