BT Fücking Broadband



Anyone else experiencing problems with BT Broadband? Mine's been on and (mostly) off like MDN's gimp mask for the past three or four days... and it's really starting to p1ss me off!
My BT broadband, like my gimp mask is firmly on.

Maybe yours has been restricted due to the vile sites to visit for the purposes of research. :D
Mines fine and has been all week .. .I did have an email problem this morning and went to the BT broadband site where it said there are some critical windows XP security downloads that are essential to the working of IE .. these may help you ... find them here

Of course if you aint running XP you're fecked :lol:
Anything with BT's name on it is guaranteed to be either financially well in their favour or a crock of sh*t...usually both.

I hate BT.

Why can't they get it into their thick nuts that some of us don't want their tortuously complex packages, we just want to pay for what we use at a competitive and fair rate.

I really fecking hate BT!

Try looking at the ADSL comparison site, the grass really is greener!

Hope this helps,

...did I mention that I hate BT?


Mighty_doh_nut said:
Maybe yours has been restricted due to the vile sites to visit for the purposes of research. :D
I'm still not sure which I prefer: anorexic porn or concentration camp photos...
My BT broadband was playing up last night... could get on any site....

Problem was ad/spyware... ran the tools and all is well... (well as cr@p as BT is normally) :evil:
BT suck donkeys choppers big time, I've used NTL BB for years, Knocks the spots off BTs humble offerings.
On Telewest Broadband, had no problems, good service, fast connection,1mb,no download limits £25per month... tip top.

We have phone and TV as well with Telewest, would not go back to the BT mafia.

Point about spyware is one to beware of though, you need to run anti spyware regularly, it stopped our connection last week, briefly.
Broadband (none cable stuff - eg AOL, wannadoo, BT etc) is going through an overhaul, some users will experience glitches and down time, i had no access for the whole of March. but now have 2.2mb :D

bear with it.


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