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Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Bootifull, Sep 10, 2008.

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  1. If you’re the first occupant into a newly built
    quarter you should have a telephone line
    already installed by BT. Sometimes however,
    this is not the case and you may find that you
    have to arrange, and pay for, the line to be
    installed yourself.
    If this happens to you then simply send the paid original bill, together
    with a covering letter, to HEMP Team, Bacchus House, Link Business,
    Osbaldwick, York, YO10 3JB. They will then arrange to have the
    installation charge reimbursed to you.
    Please note that the payment for the connection charge for your
    phone line is your responsibility and covered by your disturbance

    Lovely people, I am the first occupant of my SFA and after seeing the above article in a copy of an AFF journal I duly applied for my refund.

    DE York have today sent me a letter telling me that I have been misinformed? and that DA covers the cost.

    Anybody know the difference between installation costs and connection charges? My SFA has numerous BT boxes but none of the boxes were "live" the BT engineer spent ages threading wires into the boxes and eventually got them working, this I took to be installing BT rather than just connecting me.

    Anyone able to help?
    I'd hate to think that I'm losing out on a refund of £125!