BT Broadband security risk

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Baldrick66, May 26, 2008.

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  1. Seems BT Homehub has a few vulnerabilities! I would suggest that any subscribers from Arrse might want to look very closely at the way it’s set up and ensure it is not left on default settings

  2. Reading the article it would seem that the homehub is as much a security risk as many other users of other types of hub/router.
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  4. Like the article indicates "its the determined hacker" who will get in, if you know what your doing with the right tools.

    If you feel you have sensitive information on your PC/LAPTOP, password protect the files and folders, but to be really safe back up data and documents to separate drive (external) and only use when you need too. (its common sense but will help reduce attacks and fraud
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  6. Gent's

    Just spent a happy half hour cracking the next door neighbour (with his permission!) He was the one banging on the door this morning to show me the article. Took about two mins to do his wireless and a further 10 to gather some info on what was on the other end of his network. All done with freely available tools from the net. Only took a few mins to secure it properly. I'm sure it's not just a BT issue but advice is whatever your ISP provides in the way of wireless connectivity, change it from the default settings and ensure a strong password is set.
  7. That is exactly true. Not everyone will have a wireless card that can use WPA. Although WEP can be cracked, it is still better than not using any encryption.

    There are many other ways to secure your wifi access point, MAC authentication, no broadcast SSID, etc.
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    That's not strictly true...

  9. They are methods of security, yes MAC can be spoofed, yes there are tools that will find your network if SSID is not broadcast.

    But then WEP and WPA can both be broken given time and effort.
  10. Aye, WEP can be cracked in less than 59 seconds.
  11. Right I'm totally paranoid now, the next car to parkup outside my house gets shot to bits. :wink:
  12. Defence in depth is always the best option, Not broadcasting SSID, Mac association and encryption are all tools in the armoury and should be used in conjunction with each other and not as a sole form of security. AAA, Radius, TACAS+ some other tools in the armoury depending on the size of network you look after.
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  14. Idiot luddite question

    Using a wireless network that says "Unsecure"

    How risky is this and how can I beef up the security a bit, (A step by step would be appreciated)
  15. when a wirless is unsecure it really is an open safe with the crown jewels on show ready for the taking.

    drop me a PM with what type of router you have and we can try and put something together which should improve security.