BT Broadband is Dog Toffee!!

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by dance_with_the_devil, Feb 23, 2009.

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  1. Hi Fellow Arrsers,
    Having moved home and finally set up my BT Broadband i now find it running painfully slow.
    I have run a Broadband Speed test off of the Tinternet and have found that instead of 8Mbps i should be recieving i'm only getting 2.22Mbps ARRSE!! Methinks...
    Any suggestions fellow Cybernet Peeps..Or should i put a rocket up BT Arrse and switch to another ISP.

    Cheers In Advance

    Devil :evil:

    PS..What is a MAC Code?
    Apparently once you mention it to your Service provider it kinda gives them the Hint your thinking of moving shop to another company etc.
  2. I'm same. However contract reads "up to" 8mb.
  3. BT works sooperdandy for me!
  4. Ironic really, having moved from the "Sticks" where the connection was great to bloody dreary Watford now can't get bugger all!! :roll:
  5. He He..I'm dreaming of 8Mb connection speed!! :wink:
  6. Migration Authorisation Code. It's the code given by your existing ISP to give to your new ISP. This allows them to transfer the line between providers as 2 broadband providers can't operate on the same line.

    I pay for 8 meg with Sky, most days it reaches 6-7 so I'm happy. Only costs a tenner a month :D
  7. Cheers Highway_Man.. :D

    Knowledge is power.. :wink:

    Cool I have had Sky installed so might jump aboard their ship.
  8. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    I'm in the sticks and got really bored with BTs failure to do up the local lines and my speed was crap too. Try Sky. They have a contract with Openreach who will upgrade your line as a matter of course. I've gone from about 2 to 5 Mb. Still not great but a lot better than BT
  9. Cheers Cheap_Seats

    All great feed back so far.
    I have been looking at the smaller less known companies that seem to offer faster Broadband connection speeds.
    Looks like i will give BT the kick in the Arrse and thin them out in favour of someone else.

    Cheers All

  10. BT and Sky are both Openreach customers as Openreach provides the physical copper circuit between the provider's equipment and you. OR won't upgrade your line though as that is technically impossible.

    [/comms geek]

    Back OT, BT TBB is dog shi't.
  11. I am with talk talk £6.49 per month, occasionally (about once a month) I am unable to connect for about 45 mins. This is probably due to the server. Not sure what speed I get, never checked it. The speed is dependant on distance from the exchange. They say you get what you pay for and as I don't pay much, I don't expect a great deal, but it's as good as BT, especially as it uses their lines.
  12. If your line isn't capable of 8Mbs, none of the ISPs will be much better than BT.

    I'm with O2 and for £7.50 a month I'm getting 7Mbs down the pipe and 1Mbs up. That's against an advertised speed of "up to 8 Mbs", so I'm pretty happy. I have never dropped a connection and the wireless router has been pretty much faultless. If you are an O2 mobile phone customer you can get the deal for £7.50ish but if you're not you have to pay about £12.50, which still isn't bad.

    As for your BT contract, do you know how much longer it's for? If you try to leave them and you still have months remaining they will hold you to the contract and you'll end up paying for a service you don't use. My folks have BT and the on-line chat agent thingy worked pretty well when I was helping with a fault.

    And no matter what they try to lure you with, don't go with Tiscali. Not unless you want to deal with their Indian call centre when (and not if) the service goes tits up.
  13. The problem you have is a thing called "contention".

    This is a huge oversimplification but you'll get the jist. Basically, an allocated bandwidth is supplied to an area, that bandwidth is then shared with all of the customers that are using that service.

    Now, if you have a contention rate of say 10:1 (as Openreach is / used to be) that means that the 8mb can be, and is shared between 10 users in the same area, so if all of them are on at the same time and going full tilt, you will only get 1/10th of that 8Mbs allocation. There will be several 8Mbs connections to your areas local exchange but each one of those will be running the 10:1 contention.

    On copper BB services (as Openreach is, it sends your BB down the copper telephone wires), the further you live away from the exchange, the lower your bandwidth will be, this is just the laws of physics and can not be overcome.

    Sometimes it is actually BETTTER to live in the sticks as if the local exchange is equipped for it and you are fairly close to it, the chances of everyone logging on at the same time is reduced due to the lower population.

    If no one else on your "shared allocation" is logged on, you'll get your 8Mbs, which is why Broadband is always faster at stupid o'clock in the morning.

    Sky won't be any better as they are just using BT's copper but rebranding it as Sky.

    The best one I have found is Telewest Virgin as they actually have Broadband cables straight to your door and a lower contention rate, but even they can suffer from bad contention rates at peak times.

    Hope that explains it.
  14. I don't disagree with this thread at all. Saw the thread, done speed tests with four different test sites.

    One ISP was rated an average of 50% overall (average)
    The same ISP scored an average of just under 2 to 2.3 MBPS download speed

    Upload speeds were as low as 302 kbps for the same ISP
    Tiscali and TalkTalk scored highest on average, according to a quick trawl of Broadband test sites. Not official and not guaranteed.

    Top of that, this particular ISP's accounts webpage is often down, calls are answered in India, and their online services are generally pish poor and so confusing that I've given up using them and insist on paper correspondence.

    I'm stuck with all this for another year's contract. :x
  15. Are you connecting to your ISP at 8Mbps and 2.22Mbps is the throughput (download speed) that testing websites reports? If so it could be contention, line quality, distance from the exchange, an incorrect profile at the exchange or a combination of a number of factors.

    Try putting your phone number and postcode into this website. It will also tell you how far from the exchange you live - I live very close to the exchange and get pretty much top speed. I may even be on the same telephone exchange as you.

    Then follow the steps suggested on this page and see if you can identify the problem.