BT Apprenticeship

Not sure if this is the right place for this post,but here goes.

Young man I know age 18 applied to BT for a technicians apprenticeship.
There's three stages to get through, the intitial sift of application forms,second stage a recruitment hub,third stage the final interview.
He's got through to the second stage.

According the their blurb
"This is our opportunity to tell you more about our business and for you to demonstrate your skills and enthusiasm for the role you are applying for, through a mix of individual & team exercises, lasting approximately half a day."

He's a little nervous about it never done anything along those lines,so if anyones any experience of it or can offer some tips or advice, i'm sure he would be grateful.
I'm a lot longer in the tooth than your lad, but when I went through the process it was very informal. They really want to get an insight into what sort of person you are and the sort of area you would be best suited to. Bear in mind that BT is a huge organisation and there are many possible jobs which an apprentice may end up in i.e. overhead lines, underground maintenance, systems engineer etc etc.

There will be some sort of aptitude test (normally written) and a couple of practical test i.e. colour blindness and manual dexterity - can you wire a plug.

Tell him not to worry - just be himself and enjoy the experience.

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