BSTT (RTC) and recruit training

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Baldrick66, Sep 30, 2005.

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  1. The future army structure is fast appearing to be heading towards a ‘central recruiting’ system for the TA in as much as all potential recruits rock up to the local unit, Are sent away to the local BSTT (or soon to be Regional Training Centre or RTC) and given a few weekends basic training. Said crow then goes away to depot for 15 days, returns to the RTC for ITD training prior to ‘electing’ which trade they wish to follow, i.e. Infantry, Engineers etc
    So now a few of questions for you all:

    1, How do individuals, currently working at unit level Regimental Training teams feel about the possibility of their post being transferred to BSTT establishment tables?

    2. Unit ‘A’ works hard and recruits 10 crows. Following training 5 of said crows decide the unit won’t offer as much as unit ‘B’, but unit ‘B’ has done nothing to recruit its own bodies. Thoughts from anyone?

    3, RTC need instructors to teach recruits, tour length 2-3 years away from your unit, any volunteers? Out of site out of mind starts to spring to mind when thinking of future career paths within a parent unit.

    4, Finally, should TA MCM Div have more say on the careers of TA soldiers? By this I mean should all promotions etc be carried out by the Div and responsibility and management of careers be taken away from individual units?

    Balls in your court gentlemen…………. In your own time……….. go on
  2. Well some sub-units get bottle necks at SNCO level and due to location (can't be posted to other subunits as the distance is too far) , it may be better that the SNCO's are offered posts in other (nearby) regts.

    I'm in that situation, their are 4 Sigs Sqns within 40 miles of where I live but they are (currently) in 4 different signal regiments. I'm also trying to follow a very specific career path, my Regiment has only 3 posts (all full) but the other 3 Regiments (within 80 miles) have also 3 in total.

    We've also had problems with a REME Sgt wanting to go Tiffy, they need to gain experience working in different types of units which means my unit and another local unit have been in close contact in order 2 Sgts can follow this route (they are both swapping jobs).
  3. I know how you feel about this one Polar
    In my own career path since SDR. I had to revert a rank to stay in the TA through no other reason than length of time in Rank, then take an E2 post to regain that rank. Mobilise as different capbadge then final promoted, move back to an E2 post to keep the rank as there are no current posts within my trade at that rank as the nearest unit promoted from within without informing either TA MCM, or my own Capbadge MCM of what they were doing! Nightmare of a situation when it was the said unit that 'voluteered' me for the E2 post in the first place! Usual score though, change of OC followed by a change of CO etc.
  4. I think people will change Cap Badge, when they join people aren't generally aware of other corps and trades they just join their local unit, they obviously will now with central trg.
    Not sure if that would be a bad thing? Would that make units recieve people that really want to be their and so not leave so quickly or would teeth arms get more keen recruits than they need and many recruits wanting an easy life going to support arms (and decreasing their effectiveness).
  5. 1. Well we don't have any LSNs devoted to recruiting or recruit trg therefore no post to transfer to D/BSTT - do any units have LSNs devoted to recruiting/recruit trg ?

    2. Unfortunate but going to happen

    3. Did 2 years at B/DSTT myself - part of a structured career, excellent move from a personal perspective

    4. New TA regs say that every promotion for every rank has to be boarded - that's moving in the same direction as MCM Div control. Is it right ? Feck no !
  6. i think centralised recruit training can only be a good thing , it will the the recruits more perspective and hopefully they will get mates in other regiments
  7. Although I posted in support of this I have to now agree, it can't work with TA, we can't move that easily. I thought about my own position, maybe a unit would take me on for 2 years but they'd know I'd be back to my original unit ASAP if certain things happened to me.
    But evry unit would be treated fairly, say if AMS had crap JNCO's they wouldn't be promoted but if the inf had too many they could be offered a place in the AMS.

    The way posts was offered during SDR was excellent, they set up a web site and forum. You could see vacancies and apply for them, very very good - the best thing about SDR. Maybe thats all MCM should be in the TA, adverts for jobs - apply with your CV
  8. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Here we go again. Control of the TA by people who know naff all about it. I agree with Ex_Du above in points 1 and 2 (sadly) but not 3. I was in the BSTT for 3 years, devil of a job getting back to the Bn. I know of only one single Offr/SNCO in our Bde who has 'come home' after a BSTT posting. It just does not happen as a matter of course, but is the rare exception..

    As to boarding for all ranks - already here, and the paperwork is horrendous. Still, as we were told (in relation to MK1) "Do it in your spare time". Up pops a sensible Lt "But we do the TA in our spare time already..."

    OCs used to be able to promote to Cpl virtually independently, providing Course criteria, etc., were met. This is no longer the case, and I have experienced delays (directly caused by Glasgow) of 8 months between a Board and the promotion getting through. It was backdated, but that means NOTHING to a TA Soldier, who is not in it for the money or seniority.

    We are NOT REGULARS.

    Please, please, please do not forget this.

    P.S. I really don't know why I'm bothering. The decisions are made, and those who actually do the recruiting and training - basically at Coy/Sqn level - have had no input. If there was any consultation on FAS, it must have passed me by. Even if we were asked, by the time our comments were filtered through CO, Cols, etc., then they would have been exactly what was required, rather than what was the truth. Sad....
  9. ^So are all of these are actually going to happen?

    If so how far does the Career management go, could I be asked to move to a vacant slot as I'm qualified for it? (anyone from my unit reading this - no I'm not intending to jump ship). I know some units post SNCO's/Officers to subunits 80 odd miles away from their home, would Div do that?
  10. It IS WORKING in Scotland and has been for a number of years. Transfering between units as a result of exposure to "other-badged" TA personnel and Instructors is negligible (perhaps something to do with the Territorial bit in TA) and our instructors are not only making it back to their Bns but are doing so on promotion. Anyone who wishes to visit and see for themselves pm me for details of CI who would welcome written requests to do so.
  11. The problem my unit has had with this centralised training is that in the past recruits we get have virtually no time on the unit and lose interest whilst waiting for TAFS 1+2 etc, thankfully there are now plans at unit level to revert this however! Do any other units get recruits intergrated at an early stage or do they leave it to Regional TCs only :?:
  12. Some of the RTCs are increasing in number so opportunities are there for good quality, motivated instructors. It is only the lack of foresight that restricts instructors returning to units. hey should be seen as an asset as they will return with more Mil Quals than they left with and in some cases qualifications which they could not have got if they had stayed in unit,
  13. Do they get motivated instructors? I've never considered doing recruit training, does the person in charge of recruiting have the ability to promote their instructors? I maybe would have done recruiting if I was an officer (good for the career etc)

    p.s. I would consider Bde Trg team thou (but not as a recruit instructor)
  14. Having now seen some upto date info, it appears the head shed may be taking note of indivduals concerns over RTC instructor manning. It appears that posts on RTC's are to be 'tied' to capbadges and make them 'Career enhancing' In so much as all Coy/Sqn sized units will have at least one post within their local RTC. This is to ensure a fair representation of capbadges are maintained. By career enhancing, A soldier may be posted either on promotion to the RTC or on promotion from RTC. Also it appears that promotion to substansive WO may depend on an E2 posting to RTC/BSTT at some stage in an individuals career. Tours are likely to be 2 to 3 years with the expectation of an NCO working 1 weekend in 4 and a 15 day 'Instructor/Career Course' (CBRN, Field Firing or Senior Brecon etc) as annual camp. From the 2 year point parent units will not be able to fill slots within the orbat without first offering the post to the RTC employed NCO and finding another NCO to fill his place.
    Should be interesting to see what happens come April 06 when all this is meant to be implemented, more to the point will units play ball?
  15. I'm an instructor with RTC (Scotland) Recruit training wing.

    Personally, having went through the old style of recruit training i am impressed with the way in which BSTT's/RTC's deliver the common sylabus and as for postings it's definately an excellent move!!