Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Aphrodite_Squaddie, Oct 31, 2010.

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  1. British summer time and NOT Bacon, Sausage and Tomato. How many among us still think we need British Summer time? Messing around with the clocks and such
  2. It benefits Scotland. Personally I hate waking up in the dark and leaving work in the dark. But have to say I enjoyed my extra hour in bed this morning, would have been even nicer if it had been Monday morning.
  3. I dont give a stuff about Scotland, so long as I'm alright, who cares, all I care about is me, me, me. Thanks.
  4. How about people who deal with the europeans get up an hour earlier and start work the same time as them. Then there will be those who want it and disapprove with everything pro european, fecking hypocrisy
  5. Originally bought in for farmers back in the day,I can't see the Jockinese problem,X amount of hours of daylight is X amount of hours of daylight,if you have to work outside,no amount ofr fiddling with clocks is going to make the daylight period any longer,just change your work times,if you work inside it shouldn't affect you,assuming you have electricity up there now?

    We,south of Watford don't complain about your 18+ hours of daylight during the Summer months,so why shouldn't we enjoy longer winter days down here,without fart arrseing about with the clocks ? ;-)
  6. Have to agree with Roof Rat - There is only soo much light in a bloody day, regardless of what time it is. You either go to work in the dark, or come in the dark, one or other. if you do go and return in the dark, you're screwed either way! They say that people will get things do if it's lighter in the evenings???!! What a croc of crap, where I live it gets dark around 15.50hrs in the winter, so no GMT, means it gets dark at 16.50hrs. So think of all the amazing things you can do in that hour - WOW! Unless like most of the nation you finish around 17.00 or 17.30, than it makes no odds.
    All it means if we stop changing the clocks is a load of brain dead fools having arguments in the pub about what time it is in Europe. As if we stick to BST (I believe that's what the Govt wants), then everyone in Europe has put their clocks back, they'll be on the same time zone as us. But only in the winter, summer, they'll still be an hour ahead. That'll fcuk people up I'm sure!
  7. It doesn't bother me out here and thank God I am not in the cold, damp UK right now. I might pop back for a few days if there is a summer there next year though.
  8. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    What I want to know is why some 56 million non-Scottish UK residents are perpetually held to ransom by 5 million sweaties who think that their cows somehow worry about the clocks going back or forward.

    We've given them devolution but they don't want full independence cos the few hundred workers in the country would pay silly percent tax to support the work dodgers and they wouldn't all get free prescriptions paid by us mugs this side of the Tweed.

    If they want to stick with GMT, let them set their own times and turn their own clocks back 50 years when they feel like it.

  9. Knew it wouldn't take long before a leeetle Englander would spout the same old shite and wrong shite at that
  10. I know. It might make people miss the point that most jocks are drug addled, bigoted, *****.

  11. dingerr fixed that for you, we are not all like that :)
  12. Thanks. That is quite accurate (and no I'm not trying to get a bite this time).

  13. Far too accurate and no line was cast ;-P

    ps Hope you are getting along ok with the rehab
  14. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    I'll take that as a bite then.
  15. I've an idea, let's all go back to Railway Time!