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wish they would it was worthwhile and it was a pain in the arrse teaching sprogs on there first guard at a working unit basic voice procedure.

We're the Royals Signals for fcuks sake
We all gotta start somewhere. Saying that, I was cr*p at the start and nothing changed when I got out 6.5 years later. Was still cr*p, possibly worse even. :)


I think the whole Army could benefit from BSS. I remember sitting in the guard room a few months back listening to the radio net and getting the crazy frog thingy played into my ear at 2 in the morning from the unit up the road :evil: Needless to say the radio got turned off for a good few hours until the idots got a grip of themselves . . . or got bored which is the more likely cause :roll:
once had a case when talking to the mgs dog patrol on the net as i we were talking kept hearing hello heeelllooo who's talking.

The mgs say zero is someone messing about on the net over. We here no it's me on the side gate i thought you might have been talking to me.

after pulling off the gate find said split arrse sprog has never seen a radio in her life let alone use one and hadn't seen fit to ask anyone about.

This was the first time i found BSS had been binned they slipped that one through quietly.
PK said:
I think the whole Army could benefit from BSS.
Why? When I was going from Pte to LCpl I had to do a Regular Radio User course and from what I've seen since it expects far higher standards than BSS offered.

As an ex reg I find it suprising to see the RRU teaches VP to a far higher standard than TA RS Ops get, the TA infantry (TARU ???) seem to be taught to a similar standard as the RRU's. Frankly its quite embarrasing.
Posted: Wed Jul 20, 2005 11:55 pm

Will they or won't they, re- introduce BSS? So every one has a very basic overview of the very basics ? Or is it called it something else these days ? Please educate me !
stay down there and bleed a while before you taste some real pain
Totally agree mate the young uns today are pure Celtic (cr*p) mind you I remeber you as a young un remebre during the world cup when you went to kick the Telly and fell on your arse. The beer soon poured on you from the lads ha ha oh the memories of I Div Come on T**Y A*****S all the best



Ragnar said:
Because if people had a BASIC knowledge of SIGNALLING SKILLS (hence the Basic Signalling Skills Course) then we wouldn't get incidents of people playing music over the net and people chatting away like it's a mobile phone. Only the basic skills are required for people who only use radios when they are on guard for example. These people could be called un-regular radio users if that suits you :wink:

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