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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Pilgrimfather, Apr 3, 2008.

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  1. Afternoon All,

    I've been out of the regs about a year now and just going through the process of joining a Sigs TA Sqn.

    Could anyone give me an insight into what the BSS 1 & 2 entail and also the one week trade course? I've been told I need to all of these to get my tapes back.

    Not had much gen from the unit so far hence my asking, always seems to be a lack of training staff around on drill nights!
  2. You need to speak to Polar, he's the one who gets stiff about all things Signals.

    I've worked with TA Signals before and to be honest I'm not impressed.

    Go Infantry!
  3. Yeah, Sigs tend to get a bad rep in a few places. Seem like a good bunch of guys at the new unit though so we'll see, might be able to lick them into shape!

    I thought about joining the infantry as I've always managed to work well with battlegroups in theatre and got out on a fair few patrols. Unfortunately there are none within a reasonable distance of me so it's a no-go for the moment.
  4. I can't comment on the BSS as it has been a long time since I did my first trade training.

    If you are joining a 12 Sig Grp unit (33, 34 and 35 sig regt's) then the trade camp activity will vary depending on which trade you are doing (relay, rad op, switch, access, ED etc) as they all have different rates of progression and theory/practical split. Also, some trades have less to learn so have lots more free time as a week is more than enough time to cover the sylabus in some cases.

    I instructed on a switch course last year (run by 34 at Darlington) and we spent the first two or three days going through theory (Ptarmigan overview, computer theory, types of switching etc) and getting the students familiar with the vehicle itsef and the set up drills. The following three days were spent getting them up to speed on engineering links, fault detection/correction, creating conf calls (and other housekeeping tasks), SHF etc

    The confirmatory exercise was held in Catterick. It was a slow(ish) time setup on the Saturday morning with various serials involving setting up links to other dets and so on. Close down on Saturday night (it was the Rugby World Cup final) and a move to a new location early Sunday morning to setup again, this time in the dark.

    Students were accomodated in the training wing at Darlington, but previous year they were accomodated in Catterick, presumably due to the numbers attending.
  5. I've worked with (and been) TA infantry before and was not impressed.

    Go Signals, it's easier on your feet and you don't have to sleep in a ditch :D
  6. What comms courses have you already done? If you've done RRU I'd suggest you go for a waiver on the BSS and get someone at your TAC to show you Airwave.
    The class 3 covers equipment well, the VP is half of what you do on a RRU (and TARU) - you will also cover 1/2 topics in Joint Message Handling subject. Its harder to get a waiver for this course but you should be able to get out of the time waivers for class 2 and 1 (e.g. you won't have to wait XYZ amount of months before passing the next stage)
  7. To be fair when I first worked with TA Sigs when some scouse unit supplied us with a RLD I wasn't ......... they couldn't even get the colour of their berrets the same.

    As far as I can guess brucey isn't 4 Yorks, he may have lent me a book on 6 DLI one evening....... just a guess.
  8. Thanks for the reply Polar.

    Have not formally completed an RRU or indeed any comms courses, but have done plenty of in-unit packages which covered VP and radio set-up etc..

    I've not come from a signals background so emphasis wasn't placed on it, even though we used radios all the time!

    I suppose I would need to actually do the course to show I'm proficient rather than just given a nod as before.
  9. As you can probably the VP test asks many questions from the SAD lessons. You should find the BATCO test easy (you get about 7 lessons on it). Messaging handling will be new to you but I believe the test is practical (I might be wrong but my syndicate had no problems with it).

    One pitfalls I've seen from both TA and regular re-trades is the tendancy to treat the course as a beerup. We had an experienced Ex rEG Inf Sigs Det Comd fail his VP because he'd been out on the beer