Seriously, No wah. BSS - Basic Signal Skills? In which case it's lessons on voice procedure, basic signals skills really, probably also include how to erect a mast and set up a det. Why not ask your squadron? No idea about PFM.
BSS (Basic signalling skills) is a health and safety course on manual handling etc. it also covers voice procedure and a PRR all the basic stuff a signaller is supposed to know,
PFM (Ptarmigan Foundation Course) is a death by PowerPoint on how the ptarmigan trunk communication system works, basically it tells you what part every one plays in getting comms in. most of the stuff is above the level you will need to know for your day-to-day job but I found it quite informative.

Oh and it’s usually an in barracks weekend

Hope that’s the info you're after


ps. TA_Sig are you not in 33 regt?? and if so should you not know.
I did it in the field as a there where looking into doing it that way in my regt so i can not say on the inspections and PT, but it is usually a quite lax weekend lots of listening to do. not much running about IIRC. oh and there teach you to wire a 3 pin plug (i mean WTF and thats not a wah).


edit ah polar some units seem to do the two together now i blame the lack of mtds

also edited for spelling
Quite right I should know, we call BSS BSS and I knew that one, but PFM well that's just known from the beginning, somewhere in TAFS and not a standalone course.

Cymru, no idea about inpsections and the like, that all depends on local (ie not army wide) decissions, why not ask these questions of your training team or squadron on a drill night (like tonight)?
I knew the general outline of the weekends, it being mainly a H&S course. Just wanted the heads up for anything unexpected.

Kit list was just helmet and sleeping bag, but I guess I should take other kit as well, hence the PT question.

Wasn't meant to be a bone question.
hmm i did not even see it as a bone question (wonder if that says more about me?)

if it's in barraks (anywhere) you sould always take your pt kit just in case, i cannot think of anythig i could have done with that i did'nt take proplus perhaps but thats it.

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