BSM no arse.

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by james0079, May 4, 2007.

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  1. Yup, me again, with the proverbial axe to grind ! Left an arty reg in 2002 and volunteered for a tour last year. I immediately came across a WO2 who had not noticed, that I had known him as a Sergeant a few years before. So, supposed, experienced Para that he was, I tapped my heels duly, ingratiated myself into his battery and only slightly wondered where his wings had gone. Upon asking some senior gunners and a couple of senior ranks, I was told he had been challenged about his eligibility to wear the "said" wings and had been knacked by the C.O. for taking the piss. So after a month in Topcliffe I latched onto a couple of attatched T.A. lads who were bang on, ended up in a club/late bar in Thirsk, was picked out as a "potential" by the locals and I duly despatched a couple before making a less than discreet exit. Cue next day when the aforementioned B.S.M. ordered me to write a full and frank letter of apology to the proprietors and licencees of Dingles ensuring guilt. I refused at first only to be told id be "stagging on at Topcliffe till the end of tour", cheers Sir, As sure as the sun shines on Larkhill, our paths will cross again. James
  2. Like a blunt pencil........

  3. Cow

    Cow LE

    You can sharpen pencils?
  4. I wouldnt say entirely pointless wijia, had a topic to bring up so I did and this seemend a good outlet. Ive seen worse on here. PM me mate ill give you my phone number and well discuss it at length.
  5. Another internet hard man and no doubt a sprog to boot (not a pun).

    I take it you do not possess the swingers to talk to the BSM in question but prefer to slate him behind an anonymous user-name.

    Wind your undoubtedly overweight neck in and stop dripping like the hat you are.

    You total cunt.
  6. Do me a favour Geordie ! What a statement coming from a guy with a profile showing someone bashing a fella in. Im no fucking sprog pal, I was just out of my teens when I served on Op Barrass/Herrick 1/Telic and various others so be a gent and dont cut me down quite so ruthlessly. I did 8 years and have obviously misinterprated the point of this site. I didnt mean to put myself across as a hard case which Im certainly not but by your obviously frustrated reaction you should let off a bit of steam and drop me your mobile number and Im sure any service station car park between here and the North would be accomodating enough to facilitate your cute little temper.
  7. Get on the blower Geordie to the Targeting and Planning Cell at Larkhill, ask for the WO1 in charge, ask him if he remembers the reservist who challenged him on Telic 10 about his credentials and methods, you fucking no arse, and in terms of being supposedly overweight, (as if thats an obvious indicator of stupidity and deception) I have cracked my ardous courses and done my bit.
  8. James0079- What planet are you from?
  9. Well done craphat.

    Why don't you phone him in person instead of slating him on an internet site.

    You are a sprog.

  10. I don't think thats fair.....he could be beating a puppy or a small child....there's just not enough information to be 100% certain.
  11. I'm a Thirsk lad born & bred how dare you create 'agrro' in the ' Dingle....glad I left though.....
  12. Bell End.

  13. Do you want to meet him for some man love?
  14. why the need to boast about your military experience mate,most of the people on here are or have been in the same boat as you.if your offended by geordie,s humour fcuk off out of the naafi bar and get dailing the samaritans you daft cnut! :roll:
  15. He's actually beating up a Photo Copier/Fax Machine.