BSc (Hons) Building Surveying - Dissertation Help


Good afternoon all,

Not sure if this in the correct forum or not (I'll also post this on the Sappers board) so I'd be grateful if the Mods could move/merge to the correct place.

I'm currently working towards the above degree on a part-time basis (I'm a reservist, so everything i do seems to be part-time), and to be honest this is the last hurdle in what has been a mission to complete!

Anyway, I'm looking for people to answer a short questionnaire on Google Forms (10 questions - 2-3 mins max) about their experiences of working in the domestic construction sector and their levels of understanding about asbestos.

I'm looking for people who are [probably] self-employed and [probably] only work on peoples' houses i.e. nothing commercial that would require risk assessments etc. So if you're a plasterer, brickie, 'general builder', roofer, chippy, painter/decorator etc but have 'fallen' into that job rather than followed any formal qualifications then you're the kind of person I'd be interested in hearing from via the survey. If this isn't you but sounds like someone you know - please forward them the link below.

The data gathered is anonymous and will be destroyed once/if I successfully graduate.

Link here: Asbestos Awareness Survey For the Self-Employed Construction Worker

Thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to participate.