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BSB Thruxton

Maybe attending this, although was thinking scratch this one and do Brands and Donnington instead, especially as I have a wedding to go to this Saturday with a free-bar :D

This is the only one that i will miss. Viewing is poor and from where we are it is a a mare of a drive. Will be watchingl on Eurosport

Shame the 125's aren't being shown though, personal interest and cracking racing
Right - It has been decided for me that I won't be going as temporary lack of transport. :x

Hope those that do go have a great weekend, will have to watch on TV instead probably with a hangover to kill a thousand elephants.

Karl Harris's crash and also that of Den Hobbs in the Supersport were sickeners.
Weather stayed off for race day, but I had already made plans.
Great first win for Cal too.

Bodes well for a great season.

Will be at Brands.
Thank god for airfencing, hobbs would have been completely fcuked. Can't believe Harris's luck, but getting away with a broken foot and cuts and bruises after that is amazing

Can't wait for Oulton, great season ahead
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