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Looks like I will soon have to call myself a Southerner, perish the thought! :lol:

Have been trying to hunt down a local BSAC club, mil or otherwise, that I can join when I get there. If all goes according to 'Their' plan, it looks as though I shall be located around the West side of The Plain. The BSAC website hasn't provided much info - can anyone else help?

I'm led to believe that there is a BSAC around the tidworth area however I shall speak to a man who knows and get back to you.
Warminster has a military BSAC special branch - I'll dig out the details for you tomorrow.

The most active club in that area is the Tidworth and Bulford Garrison Sub Aqua Club based in Tidworth Garison. It has 2 ribs (one with a four stroke engine) a banked compressor, lots of dive kit sand its own building with bar (Very important). At last count it had 3 SADS, meets on Tue evenings and goes diving most weekends. Whats more I can personaly recommend the Diving Officer.

If you PM me I'll send telephone numbers of who to contact.

Dive Safe

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