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BSA Superten bull barrel carbine air rifle for sale .22

I am selling my BSA Superten, as I have just bought a shotgun. It's an excellent rifle, and I am sad to see it go.

This rifle has fired less than 200 pellets. It's "as new".

It comes with a spare bottle (already charged). Approx 300 pellets, 2 magazines, a charging adapter, the Hawke scope, the carrycase, the lazerdot, and a cleaning kit.

Viewing welcome

£500 no offers.

Feel free to PM me for more details.



smudge67 said:
Doc_Henry said:
just a quick one, why are you selling it?
As I've just bought a shotgun.....or have I just been wahhhd?
And how much is it? :wink:

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