BSA Martini12/15 Conversion

My objective is to build an ambidextrous hv small vermin rifle.

I have a heavy barrel target model of the 12/15 in 22lr. which I am considering re-barreling in .17hmr. Does anyone forsee any problems with the conversion, in particular the action and extractor?

Many thanks in anticipation,

Could be tricky. The .17 HMR is based on the .22 Mag case, so has a 6.0mm case and 7.3mm rim, whereas on your 0.22 the dimensions are 5.7mm and 7.0mm. I think that the rim might be thicker too on the .17. It will probably need some remachining of the extractor and tuning to make it work.

I've seen some nice custom hunting Martinis that were produced by the old Venom custom shop. I think that the bloke that did these is the one who now operates as Swift Precision Rifles.


DFJ at brighton and Hove Gun rooms has done something similar and I'm tempted to get a greener take down in .22lr reamed to Hornet.

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