BSA CEA transfer

My daughter has been attending a boarding school since January 2005. She is in year 5 now. The school increased their fees with effect from Last Autumn Term (AUG) 2006. As a result I have to pay out just about £1000 extra per term, and this is putting a big strain on my finances. The fees were within the BSA limit up to the time the fees were increased.
I would like to transfer my daughter to another school (identified) that is within the BSA allowance. How easy/difficult is the procedure, how long does it take and what documentation do I need to show and to who?

I have tried my clerks but they do not seem to have a clue.
It is possible to do, you need to staff a case (there is a set format for G1 staffwork that your RAO should give you) thro' your RAO to Bde SPS and onward to Glasgow.

You need to show that you took proper steps to decide you could afford the school when she entered, the major increase in fees and that you cannot now afford it.

Have you spoken to the school to see if they will give you a deal, they often will rather than loose a pupil?

Also speak to SCE about alternatives.