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Discussion in 'Tanks, planes & ships' started by rmn, Feb 20, 2012.

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  1. rmn

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    First off let me strongly deny any implication of waltish tendancies. I own an ex BOAR BSA B40WD but have no intention of pretending to be ex-forces myself or such. What I am interested in in any recollections, however hazy, of anyone having used these machines in service. I have kept mine in similar spec to that of original use since I do not pretend to be an expert trials rider - if I were then I would have a more suitable bike. As it is I find the overall spec OK for what it was designed for - ie road use with occasional off road trips. Mine happens to be ex-BOAR so this use would be of particular interest regarding comments - positive or otherwise.
  2. Has it got any Unit markings or Badges on it? What do you know already? Engine number or chassis number or whatever they had in the day when it was manufactured.
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  3. Try checking out the links on this page for info: BSA WD B40 Unless of course it's your website and you allready know this stuff.
  4. do you know what its service registration number was?
  5. I had one mid eighties, paid £200 for it from the old corn exchange near Aston on trent, forget the name of the place, they had loads of them and advertised in MCN. I had to climb into a skip full of the beggars, take my pick and eventually ride it back to Wymondham near Melton. It was a fine specimen with bar end indicators and panniers, still fully badged. It never let me down and was a good ride despite the three low gears being very low and fourth almost like an overdrive. Rev the backside off it in the first thre and then it almost died as it went into fourth and slowly built up to a teeth rattling 65!!!

    I rode it while my Norton was being rebuilt, eventually swapped it for a 750 Commando that was in a box, the owner had given up and wanted something he could actually ride...fair swap I thought :)

    I enjoyed mine but wouldn't choose one over all the other classics

  6. rmn

    rmn Swinger


    No unit maks or such. B49 web site is very good though limited info on mine. I know the place you got yours I think - vewtaste - chuked off a lorry ex-Germany! Mine is a 1967 model ex-BAOR. Little else though I know engine was an army replacement. Generally looking for any ex-forces experiences - well aware ofm issue re first 3 gears to top!!!

    Thanks ,

  7. I've got the website bookmarked on my old computer of a guy in england who has a vast collection of b40s and spares, I'll try and post the link, he even has the bike out of 8regt RCT I broke my leg on, A good simple bike imho and it did what it was designed to do...albeit slowly.but a lot nippier than the triumph 500 it replaced.

    edited to say's the same guy thats in troys post.