BS og Basserne - Danish military reality show

One of the current crop of reality type shows here in Denmark is called "BS og Basserne", (roughly "BS and the Squaddies"). The basic idea for the show is that they take a group of people who've failed the medical due to being overweight, and or unfit, and get an ex special forces soldier to train them up so they can pass the incredibly lax tests and join the forces.

This is the second season of the programme, and this time the potential recruits are female. It's actually interesting enough to watch, but it's really quite shocking to see how unfit some of them are.

There's a few photos on their Facebook page which may interest some of the chubby chasers on this site, and maybe Greenpeace too:

BS & Basserne - Et godt liv skal man kæmpe for

The tests that they have to pass are:

A 3KM run. Since they're girls they have 18 minutes to pass (for blokes it's 15 minutes, still incredibly easy, but not quite so ridiculous).

An 20KM cycle test in under 53 minutes (males 50 minutes).

An 8KM walk in PT kit in under 63 minutes (males 60 minutes).

20 situps (males 25)

20 reverse sit ups/hyperextensions? (males 25)

10 press ups (males 15).

Are there any similar shows in the UK or elsewhere?



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