quite horrific stuff :(
OldRedCap said:
Just shows what trained men can get up to.
Steady on, ORC. With the greatest respect to you; an individual who, judging by the quality of his posting, is someone of integrity, but:

1. You don't need to be trained to do this. Anyone can do it - properly motivated.

2. Being trained is not necessarily a pre-condition of civilisation - civilised behaviour pre-supposes gentility of spirit and outlook, that can only truly exist in a world without the need for armies and soldiers.

3. This account was written by someone who refers to himself with pride as 'evil' and acknowledged that nurdering the helpless made him a suitable leader.

Sorry for pointing this out, but I have to say something before someone without our sense of balance makes all sorts of stupid, puerile and ignorant comparisons with certain activites allegedly carried out by British servicemen in Iraq.

Not in any way intended to refer to events in Iraq - or, indeed any Brit troops elsewhere at any time. We have, I suppose, tended to see the Nazi as capable of rationalising cruelty by blaming orders. The Auschweitz series on BBC refers. I felt the account of Japenese in China showed that there is evil in all of us. By exposure to training of the wrong sort, mankind can be depraved to do almost anything. This capacity for inhumanity is something it behoves us all to be aware of and remember.
Sorry if I ruffled your feathers - it seemed straight forward to me - otherwise, I'd have been more expansive in my lead-in remarks.

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