Brutality? Russian conscripts?

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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Russia soldier jailed for four years for conscript abuse after brutal hazing
Joshua Pantesco at 8:19 AM ET

[JURIST] A Russia military court on Tuesday found a Russian army sergeant guilty of abuse of power and sentenced him to four years in jail for beating and torturing a conscript soldier [RFE report] this past New Year's Eve. Russian prosecutors had sought six years in prison for Alexander Sivyakov, who denied beating Private Andrei Sychev but has admitted to beating two other soldiers in December. Sychev was so badly abused that his legs and genitals had to be amputated and he remains in hospital. After the Sychev reports surfaced prompting widespread public outcry, Russian defense minister Sergei Ivanov blamed Russian society for fostering a culture of military abuse [JURIST report].
I remember hearing about this a while back.

Poor kid, I reckon the attacker should have got a bit more than 4 years!

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