Brussels wants British sportsmen & women to wear EU Flag instead of Union Jack

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by ex_colonial, Jul 15, 2011.

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  1. Just caught this yesterday on one of the news channels last night :- British sports stars may have to wear EU flags on kits | Mail Online
    Apparently when some UKIP MEP's were complaining about it, other Euro MEP's suggested Britain should get out of the EU if they didn't like it!!
    Sounds like a bloody good excuse to tell them where to stick their corrupt unelected snouts, GET OUT NOW!!
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  2. So sort of like the flag on number plates then?
  3. I've covered mine up with a St George's Cross.
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  4. ahhh but we are not forced to have the european flag on number plates - well mine doesnt have one here in UK..and it didnt when I had a german reg car.
  5. Hmmm.... interesting idea. Take it a step or two further though, and we can have the Eurovision song contest over and done with in the space of five minutes every year.

    It's not all bad you know!
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  6. Not on mine.

    Aren't we overdue a war with them european types?
  7. I think now, unless you have a very old car, you have to have the EU flag on German reg cars.
  8. All aboard the European Outrage Bus!

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  9. If I knew Esperanto then I would write to them and say "Hands of our Union Flag" you sausage,cheese,rotten cabbage,spaghetti,frog legs and slug eating cnuts,but I can't so I wont...
  10. .........and which paragon of media virtue is running the story?

    I thought so.
  11. You now get the EU flag with a "D" on it,and a GB sticker or St Georges cross as optional extra
  12. And which politicians are commenting on this.....

    non-story, return and stow the (european) outrage bus!
  13. I take it you are talking about BFG?

    No worries as that won't be around for much longer :)
  14. Nah Mate been out 20 odd years live down south ayway from it all.
  15. Your local Verkehrsamt hands out GB stickers for putting on locally registered cars?