brush with the law


a man has been thrown off the No 9 service from Heath Hospital via city centre to Prospect Place for carrying a tin of paint.

There are some items that it is inadvisable to carry on a Cardiff bus, such as an England rugby shirt. And there are some that are forbidden, such as guns, swords, gas cylinders or cans of petrol. But when Brian Heale got on board with his purchase for a DIY job at home he found that “antique cream” emulsion had been added to the list of undesirable luggage.

Mr Heale, 73, an RAF veteran who suffers shortness of breath after a heart attack, could not manage the 20-minute walk from the paint shop to his home in the Leckwith district of the city so, naturally, he caught the bus. But the driver caught Mr Heale in the act of carrying a can of emulsion and ordered him off.

“When he told me I couldn’t take the paint on the bus I thought he was joking. But he parked the bus and called head office. He told me carrying the paint was against new health and safety regulations and told me to get off,” Mr Heale said yesterday.

“It’s crazy and hysterical. Next thing, you won’t be able to take a wet umbrella on in case it drips water on the floor. Health and safety rules are one thing but this is just daft; it was a No 9 bus not a dangerous building site.”
Oh it was antique cream
Say no more
If Mr Heale caught the bus and the driver caught him, where was the driver in the first place?
:evil: That's bang out of order. I'm a PSV driver, if the paint is in a sealed container then it can be carried on the bus. If it was openned/ unsealed then passage of the bus can be refused. I guess the driver must have been a spanner lacking in the common sense department. :evil:

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