3rd pattern Brunswick rifle, dated 1864. Lock marked with I over broad arrow denoting ownership by the East India Government. The 3rd pattern was a revival of the Brunswick by the EIG even though the P53 series had superceded it. Why? It was exclusively to arm the Sikh regiments, the only indian troops trusted to have rifled weapons after the mutinies and the ole Brunswick was deemed good enough for India.

It comes with an original leather sling, one original belted ball, an original Pattern 1849 Enfield marked bayonet (unit marked to the Royal Canadian Rifles) and a correct cleaning jag (suspected repro).

The wood is excellent with just a wedge missing behind the bolster, which has been gone for decades judging by the patina, brass fittings fine including the two compartment patch box. Lock is fully functional and tight. Barrel exterior is very good with leaf sight intact, bore is naturally a bit rough but the two groove rifling is very clear.

There is some pitting on the bolster and the nipple has been filed down by some eejit in the past so the hammer does not strike it. Hammer face has seen better days.

In summary, a great complete rifle with accessories for display. Perhaps someone is missing this rare beast in their collection of British military rifles.

Perhaps not the best place for such a valuable item but I though I'd offer it to the Arrse community first, it being a relic of the empire an' all.

Please PM if interested and for additional photos.

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