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Brunstrom wants police removing from patrol cars

"There were many false arguments that people would die if Heddlu was used. It was absolute arrogant nonsense," he said.

This cnut has got the affrontery to call other people arrogant. If the ****** was chocolate he would eat himself.
How much would this cost the WELSH tax payer or would they expect this money to come from central government?

Also, I thought the GARDI was in the Republic Of Ireland not Northern Ireland, which is covered by the PSNI.
Ah yes but.... He shows that he's ticking the diversity box doesn't he?

What a lacking wuckfit....

Edited to ask and seriously as well, How many people in Wales use Welsh as a first language in their daily life? Is it actually common or it is just one of those things that get taught in schools because it has to be?


Don't forgot to have it in brail on the bonnet and boot so blind crims know who they are being nicked by......and tone down those loud colours - may cause an epileptic to have an attack......and can we change the loud siren to something more like the "Trumpton" theme tune - very painful to those wearing hearing aids y'know....
easesprings said:
Cant we just remove the welsh from this Isle
Hate to remind you....but we were here first....now piss off back to Europe where you Saes belong.


p.s. I don't see the problem with having both Police and Heddlu on the cars, if they get desperate for funds then I've got a can of blue paint and a card stencil kit, I'll do the lot for £500.

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