Brunstrom backs open sale of heroin

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Feb 5, 2004.

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  2. what the F@~k :? :?
  3. there has been a study running in southampton by some GP's who are lisenced to supply Diamorphine(heroin) to registered adicts. Intresting results. The addicts are actually as healthy as non addicts many hold down good jobs. Reason Diamorphine is pure and uncut with out the crap that causes many of the complications the addicts are getting controlled ammounts with out having to resort to criminality.
    It used to be legal for a GP to perscribe to adicts. It also used to be legal to purchase laudenem(opium in alchol) from a chemist.
    Maybe there is an answer there?? but i doubt it.
  4. Runs along the same lines as a trial in the late 80's in Glasgow run in conjunction with the Scottish AIDS Monitor.
    If you remove the need to resort to an illegal source then you can control the supply.
    It will always be abused, look at alcohol, but it cuts out so many of the factors that are the root cause of the social problems.

    The study showed that as time went on that many of the subjects felt they could cope with reduced dosages and in some cases the switch to less addictive hypnotic and opiates.

    Basically the same as anti-depressants, with better results.

    Still see pieces in the Lancet re a few of the peeps. Many still on controlled dosages, (the overall government agreement allowed the administration to continue while the rather stringent rules were adhered to,) and many are doing well and exactly what the North Wales Police Chief Constable Richard Brunstrom has hoped, living normal productive lives.

    Think prohibition, just to throw the spanner in.
  5. This'll be the same Chief Constable who threatened a prospective MP because she claimed (with some justification), that he treated motorists worse than burglars.

    His force has a crap clear-up rate for crime, but massive numbers of speed cameras.

    I suspect he thinks that if heroin were made legal, drug-related crime will end, and make his stats look better.
  6. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    The point is that use of opiates doesn't in itself kill (Except when accompanied by a certain Dr. Shipman) , it is the use of unknown strengths sourced through unregulated (illegal) importation and distribution that is the danger.

    For once the Chief Constable of North Wales is speaking some sense.
  7. Agreed. Clean needle supply, uncut heroin and fixed prices/NHS supply would do a lot to reduce both the health problems of this addiction and the related crime. Bang goes the dealers' business.

    After WW1 many were addicted to morphine and it did them very little harm. A far greater danger, IMHO, is posed by "recreational" drugs such as Ecstacy which, if my understanding is correct, causes the brain to be unable to utilise serotonin which, in turn, could lead to long-term and irreversible depression. It's all very well to party now, but in a few years the users could well be wishing they were dead.
  8. long term cannibis use isn't a healthy option either.

    clinically i have administered cocaine as well in hospital.
  9. There is some case in the NHS/govt getting involved to cut out the dealers but can you honestly see Tony take on middle england to try to pass this through
  10. especially with the state the NHS is in now. Cept they can keep the profits for supplying and feed it back into fund the system.
  11. That might help the funding issue, maybe tony will find a way :lol: :lol:
  12. Maybe ask the dutch what they actually think of any official organisation getting involved in Drug dealing?

    So if we do allow it, how do we prescribe it? who is going to supply it? tender from the local drugs cartel?
    So then how do you become addicted in the 1st place? oh I know i will ask my GP to give me some to see if i like it 1st.

    Look at alcohol and smoking, they are quite legal, but how much blackmarket selling goes on in this country?

    what ever you think making drugs legal will not work.
  13. Also for got to say from your GP sorry you cannot get your appointment to see me, but the drug/alcohol abusers have got my appointments for the next 2 years
  14. What about the whole idea of free needles etc and aim to at least cut out one of the many, many problems associated with heroin
  15. agree legalisation isn't a solution.

    What needs to change is public attitudes and the toleration of a 'drugs culture' and that has to start with a hard line being taken on soft drugs.
    I actually think the army was in the right position but is now drifting unfortunatley.