Brum: White people a minority by 2027

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armchair_jihad, Aug 31, 2007.

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  1. Celebrate we all live in a rainbow village

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  2. Nothing to worry about as they are all British

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  3. Nothing to worry about as they all vote Labour

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  4. I thought it had already happened years ago

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  5. Allah Akbar Crusader dogs you have lost

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  1. In full
  2. You could draw a line below the Watford Gap and say the same for many large Cities in the South.
  3. Well at least the tables will be turned by then, us minority whites will be able to shout and rant for our rights and get everything on a plate, for fear of insulting and upsetting us............
  4. London is the same. Though with me it's more about English people being a minority. I wouldn't want be too keen if they were all French, German or Spanish either.
  5. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Another pragamtic view on the likelihood of "success" with the current multiculturism policy.

    Get secular and British!
  6. And do you suppose the CRE will look after us when we are the ethnic minority?

    Of course society will have collapsed by then so the CRE will have been consigned to the dustbin of history where this viciously racist organisation belongs.
  7. My bold.

    Biting the hand, indeed.
  8. FFS thos that have voted for 'they though it had already happened' will be seized upon by the PC brigade to set up another jobsworth quango to re-educate the masses that they are mistaken. You must not make statements like'll be thinking next that you live in a democracy.
  9. we be fkcuked. read 'I am legend' by Robert Matheusun. GB fifty years time.
  10. Yawn. So are non-white people not British then?
  11. I live in Birmingham! I know its true.

    Camp Hill is jam packed with Somalis, its like Mogadishu on benefits day, me and my mate often pretend that the van is bosted (ethnic term) and we go into "Transit Van Down" mode.

    We have the next 18 hours to fight our way back to Moseley, just in time to be ambushed again by Pakistani insurgents filtering across the Sparkhill-Moseley border, they is more disciplined than the Somali bods, better small unit tactics and that, so the fight is harder.

    NB, We always make it :p

    No air support either!
  12. of course they are british. white people such as the cornish are not British. and if i had the chance i'd revoke the passports of every member of the SNP, Lib Dems and any cnut who read the guardian or worked for the beeb. culture, not colour is the key. trouble is very few incomers such as somalis, stanis, want or can adapt. poles, incidently do. as do indians and sri lankans and orientals, but strangely not white russians who just hide in big mansions in surrey.
  13. The term British may be used if they so wish, but technically speaking they cannot say they are English, not unless they are actually Anglo Saxon can they?

    (Awaits incoming)
  14. piespies wrote:

    That's the point. Because of mass immigration and multi-culturalism too many of them aren't British in any sense except the legal one.
  15. Give it time, then yes Whites and British people will be a minority in Britain. Spain, Greece etc will be home for the Whites and Brits.

    Poland will be deserted as all Polish will be working in the Travel Inns in Wales etc.

    Not raicist at all, but people should start staying in their own country. Jamaica is land of the rastas, if I went there I want to be surrounded by Bob marleys and their culture. I want to be fed Jamaican jerk not a full english served by a souscer.
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