Brum OTC - Selection requirements?

Appreciate any help.
What exactly are the standards to be met inorder to pass the selection weekend. I'm gathering that its a bit like an RCB but presumably with a lower threshold, but even looking at the UOTC webpages I can't see exactly what the requirments are.
Are there for example a set number of pressups, situps, run time etc or is it all best effort type of assessment.

Possibly I going a bit over the top, but best to turn up prepared.

Apologies if this has been done before but I've searched and can't get a
clear enough picture.

Many thanks.
Mr N,

Best effort!

Get in touch with the BUOTC guys who will be cutting around your Uni during the freshers fair , they will be there for two days, 25/26 I think of sept (not exactly sure of the dates but sometime around there). Look out for soldier 95 trousers and blue crew shirts.

Mr. Nurse, there are Brum OTC reps banging about on the board. You might also consider looking at local TA units? Are you at Aston , Brum Uni or Polyversity of Central England?
Mr Nurse,

If you have a look around the web sites of a number of different OTCs you will get a pretty good overall view of how the selection works.

I'm not in BUOTC but have experience of a couple of different units.

The pass fail bit is the medical. Its nothing special - no diffent standards from joining the army as a soldier.

The overall format of the weekend will be a bit like RCB (now AOSB) but at a lower standard.

There is no real pass fail on other bits, it is a question of doing as well as you can in terms of the number of places available.

Last year my unit had 180 potential recruits turn up on the weekend for 120 vacancies anoher well known OTC sharing the camp with us had the same number of vacancies but only 118 potential recruits turned up. You can work out the figures for yourself.

So you are not going to fail just because you cant do a set number of press ups (or whatever else you are asked to do) but you do want to be doing as well as you can so you are competive if there are more applicants than places.

Finally the interview is your chance to impress, so think through why you want to join the OTC and sound convincing and you will be a long way there.
Cheers all

Mind placed firmly at ease.

I'll be at Wolverhampton, not quite Birmingham Uni I know, but the BUOTC covers us anyway.

Thanks again.

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