Brum crawl.(Again)

New dates for brum crawl.

  • Sat Oct 18th

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  • Sat Oct 25th

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Right,seeing as PTP is not here for the girls to bully into doing another crawl,I have drawn the short straw!

So just to put the feelers out it is planned for saturday 4th october.

Starting at the same pub because it as two very important requirments,Taboo and Reef for kes.

Thats it,my job done. :p
Brum is for poor people. Count me out.


I don't suppose I could come out of my cage and go to this crawl of yours .... probably not. Who'll want to meet me anyway. So, have a great time xx

PS: Kessy girlie you're still invited to that homemade sunday roast, the BF should be there too xx


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I'm up for a crawl around.....................well, anywhere, even though I don't drink.
old_fat_and_hairy said:
I'm up for a crawl around.....................well, anywhere, even though I don't drink.
A man for us to abuse :p

If anyone wants a different date feel free to put it forward,but not the 12th because kes cant do it.
Tabs I am trying to convince another male to come and play too but at the moment he's scared by the amount of women going :D
SavageByName said:
I live in Brum, so I know the place well....

Go somewhere else!
Well before the last crawl i had never been out in brum,have to say people lovely,esp barmen and security guards who take dippy Derby women to their hotel because they lost :oops:

We have just been told to avoid broad st?
OH GOOD GOD!! avoid Broad St at all costs.

The only OKish place is the Mailbox (closes at midnight tho) and follow the canal 150m around to Brindley Place - which sits very close to Broad St, so gets a bit of the overspill sometimes.

You have the OKish bars around there - Pitcher&P, Slug&Lettuce, BarRoomBar, etc.

Mailbox is on the pricey side tho - but great for people watching as it's full of arrogant hairdresser types. You have the better bars, like Bar Epernay, Red Peppers, Bar Estilo etc at the Mailbox.

If your into decent music - there is a little place down the road from the train station (google for exact location) called the Sunflower Lounge - small and packed out, it has a great atmosphere, and you can go downstairs to hear live music.

Alternatively, there is a great little student club called Snobs (if you ever goto birmingham, it's sort of a prerequisite that you go here), it is full of the wrong people, drinks are £1 a bottle, it has deafeningly OKish music, and the toilets are unusable - basically it's brilliant - not sure why, but it is! It's not far from centre, google for exact location.

Alternatively, stay out of Brum.
the Whetherspoons? Your stuck right in wrong side of town there.

maybe if you start there and keep walking into and through town towards broad st, you could have an ok ish crawl.

but I wouldn't hang around those parts too much, not without a weapon anway!
As a sorrowfull unproud Brummy I'd suggest staying out of this heap as well. however if you must, do stay away from Broad Street unless you've a gimpy/unlimited rounds on demand.

Rowdy kids/girls that can't be controlled after a wee shot of vodka.

Digbeth is quite good, just by the Bull Ring. It has some good clubs. Alternatively Brindley Place, stuck up as **** but its all gravy.

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