Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Domino, Aug 5, 2007.

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  1. Hi, im currently geting myself fit so im ready to join up.

    My mates helping me out (curently serving in Osnabrück(hes home for 3 weeks)) and at the moment im doing some free weights to bulk myself up abit.

    The day after a weights session i start getting bruising on the certain areas that ive worked on, like the pecks, and tricepts.

    Is this normal or am i doing something wrong? :?
  2. mmm...are you doing plenty of stretching before and after? cool down is as important as a warmup
  3. Haven't really been doing streatchs before.
  4. Always stretch before you do anything like running and weights etc... You will cause injury and it will take you longer to recover if you don't.
  5. Have asked a doctor pal about this. Apparently there is a rare condition that can cause a 'petechial rash' (which can look like bruising) after the types of exercise you describe. IF that is what it is then there's nothing really to worry about.

    However, the only way you can be sure is to go to your GP as it can't be diagnosed over a website by non-qualified folks!

    If that's NOT the cause then you'll need to see a doc anyway..............

  6. rememeber to also have rest days don't lift weights everyday they need time to repair themselves and you won't be as stiff which could help with the bruising.
  7. I get littl patterened bruising in my shoulder after shooting high calibre weapons but not after lifting weights. Get it checked out better to be safe than sorry.
  8. Odd that, do you also get blistering and redness if you hold your hand in a fire?
  9. Not strictly true! There has been plenty of evidence compiled from studies that stretching before a workout, whether cardio or weights is detrimental and has no benefit. A long warm up would be better. Why stretching should stop bruising forming is beyond me! Delayed onset muscle soreness is one thing, coming out in bruises is another!

  10. Not sure on that will have to try it one day, but thanks anyway.
  11. If the weight training involves bench pressing, this may sound stupid but dont "bounce" the bar off the chest as it is pretty obvious that this may cause bruising. I still see lots and lots of people doing this, make sure the the bar is lowered under control.
    Cant understand where the bruises are coming from on your triceps though??
  12. 5.56mm - When you mean high calibre do you mean .22?
  13. As has been said dont streach cold muscles! I used to do a lot of heavy rep to failure training and never came out in bruises. I do bruise on my back when bench pressing because your back is getting ground in to the bench as your muscles are moving the skin a bit at the same time. Leaves strange bruises that can be difficult to explain to the wife, I have been at the gym honest love. As others have said if I fire a couple of hundred rounds full bore or 12 bore I get bruises. perhaps you have a medical condition or perhaps you are over doing it again as others have said best to see a doctor.

  14. No, 7.62mm.

    .22 is more your size :wink: