Bruin - One for us geriatrics / veterans over 50

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by ex-Scaley, Nov 4, 2011.

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  1. Back in the day ...... what now seems prehistoric times I never paid much attention to the Bruin wagons we had at the Brigade Signal Squadron I was at in the late 70's.

    Thing is I'm a bit of a '430 series nut and now looking for any photo's anyone may have of the Radio Relay, Message Centre and Auto Exchange vehicles (ie FV439) from the ancient Bruin system. I know the Message Centre as a seperate entity disappeared under Ptarmigan but I'm curious to know if the Radio Delay vehicles changed much ?
  2. How I loved my Tev. My 20 line exchange in the front with a rack of 200's and the back half full of teleprinters and brew bitches.
  3. Dunno about tracked Bruin dets, as my Bruin time was at 21. We had a few 6 Channels, an Auto 64, an Auto 40, Tech Con ans Message Centre (Massage Parlour) alongside a handful of C70 dets. I was in 2 Sqn (Harrier Support). 1 (REMF) Sqn had C50s and 40/160 dets. 7 and 22 had TARIF dets too.

    One correction, Ptarmigan did retain Message Centres. Not only was there SAS/MC for Bde level access, there were also Message Centre (Large), which were full box B Staff vehicles chockers with Trend printers (and how **** were they ?)
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  4. Weren't they going to mix teh Trend with the Cossor at one point?

    Re Relays. IIRC wasn't the Ptarmigan Boxes just Bruin Relay boxes? That is why they had that little door at the rear to allow your tv aerial out. Wasn't Triffid used in Bruin too?

    And (CMIW) wasn't Bruin one of the first attempt at COTS?
  5. My bad. I meant Cossor. They really were shite. They got binned from MCL and replaced with Trend which weren't that bad.

    Triffid was used in Bruin. They went away to get modded and got fitted with TACE SEOW etc. The flap at the back was for a field telling bone.
  6. Are you sure? The size of it you could pass the whole phone through!!! I was told it was to pass the RF cables thorugh, in the days before TACE.

    Used to see lots of Triffid with bruin plates on, others had 'modded for ptarmigan' or similar plates attached. Not sure what the difference was.
  7. Whoever signed off the Cossor printer as fit for service should have been taken out and had an earthspike rammed in orifices, repeatedly. Biggest load of tosh I ever had the misfortune to use.
  8. At 1 Div rear we had an MCVF with an Ericson 25-line cordless, T50s, sometimes souped to T75, with inter-city shots to main and step-up. I started with the 10KVA gennies and once had a 27 1/2 KVA before I realized that being a handbag was so much easier, and drier. Ah.... real comms, hard work, long exercises, sh1t conditions, but what a great bunch of guys, some of us whom keep in touch 30 years down the line. I'll have to look in my B & W photo album.
  9. I preferred Cossor to Trend though.
  10. Wasn't the Cossor printer the one with the "tempest" problem when initially tested at Trials Troop? IIRC they cured the issue by encasing all the working innards with some form of heavy (lead?) shield. I recall it was a bastard to fit inside a 432 when it was ultimately issued!
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  11. Prefered a 322/321 dual fit and duplex working.
  12. You seemed to describing SX.
  13. I left 1 Inf Bde in 1990 - we were still using bruin then whilst continually being promised Euromux
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  14. I too was at 1 Inf Bde late 80's early 90's working bruin. It was so old that the only people we could work with on Ex were ourselves. Also ptarmigan skill fade kicked in which was a bitch when we were dragged out to the gulf on Op Granby and stuck in either a central or SAS MC!
  15. I did 6 years at 1 Div (1970 to 1976) in 3 Squadron. Was a one of the techs operating wheeled Auto 40's, bags of space to live and operate.

    I remember being lent to 7 Armd Bde Sig Sqn to help prepare their tracked Auto 20's for a Bruin inspection. I didn't envy their techs one bit, fault finding was a 'mare' and I got more shocks, whilst lying along the wiring looms with my back pressed against the vehicle bodywork, than I ever got during my 6 six years on an Auto