Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Smoking_Sigs, Feb 26, 2005.

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  1. After the slating that Blandford has had how about if we turn our attention to the other big Sigs camp (The new BFG supercamp) Bruggen. I have heard that they have been spending big money to make the place alot better, doing up the quarters (for the Pads) and are now settled into the old RAF place. (although there still seems to be a them and us between 16 and 7 ... especially the wives I hear).

    Has anyone over there got some input on the state of the place now and the general atmosphere? What are the facilities like for the new houses (have they got cable?? can they get Broadband??) eg eg . Does anyone still go to JHQ for anything or is everything at hand ?

    Whats at Wildenrath aswell? is there just a NAAFI?

    Does anyone know of any future plans??
  2. I got posted out of there last month.

    Broadband, yes. Cable, yes (but its a rip off, get sky). The newly puma'd houses are a vast improvement. I lived in a non puma'd quarter and had lime green bathroom/kitchen tiles with matching cupboards, and everything was a old. They are getting on with project puma slowly but surely and it does represent a vast improvement. Not too sure whats been done with the singly accomodation, i know some refurb has been done but it wasnt to z type standards.

    I didnt really notice a them and us between the units or the wives, but as neither i or mrs boney go in for that kind of crap, i might not notice it.

    The camp facilities are quite good. PAYD is in, a new bistro, a fairly good sized naafi shop, a few bars, a golf course and a bowling alley. Cant grumble there.

    Your close to Monchengladbach, Roermond, JHQ and Gilenkirchen (for the tax free natex trips). Your also closer to the ferries than most places. Another bonus.

    All in all, not too bad really - you could be in Hohne after all :wink:

  3. I work on Javalin Bks and to be honest i can see the place improving all the time. There is still work to do, but the the gaffer is investing money in all the right places.

    As for the pads houses there are three areas, camp, wildenrath and bract. They are all supposed to be the same as in facilities available, but it seems wildenrath and bract will always be the 'ugly sister' to the houses on camp. No matter which way you look at it, the pads on camp dont have to ask to get something new where as its ugly sisters have to beg, moan and cry to be heard.
  4. Only a few of the houses on camp are PUMA, and they are not finished yet. Cable is a rip off and you would be much wiser to bring sky with you. Internet is cheaper through Deutch Telecom. I live in a non PUMA house and its still alot better standard than any house I have lived in back in the UK.
    As for the bitchyness of us and them? Well I havnt seen anything to suggest a rift between the regts. Obviously you get the usual piss takes but what Regt's dont do that.
    The mess here is mixed and is the best mess for atmosphere and a laugh that I have been in.
    Get yourself out here and see for yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. after spending almost 3 years on wildenrath . i have too reply , i remember a lt col 16 sigs after oman telling the pads that wildenrath was not going to be the ugly sister of elmpt. i have been to almost every meeting that there is and its the same problems every time, too many to list, the only plus is that you dont have singlies walking past your house @4am p@ssed up , chucking pizza boxes about.instead i have german contractors using jack hammers @6am behind my qtr and time team digging up my front lawn,trying to find f@ck knows what , also the new estate warden looks like a pikey selling lucky heather with that del boy suede jacket , no im not on about the salad dodger bingo caller thats going to elmpt, lucky you , eyes down !!!..........apart from that its a lovely place to live , p/s when is the chippy reopening???????
  6. Aww come on mate, it's not that bad, at least one of the exaust killing speed bumps has been taken away and replaced with some dubious looking white lines. And as for the chippy, does the NAAFI allow competition!!
  7. who cares about a chippy? Way dont they pull a finger or two out of each others arrse's and make a decent place to eat like a chinky or a rubby?

    Then again a take-a-way of any description would be great after rolling out of the untapped resource that is 'the windmills'


    :lol: untapped resource :lol: MY ARRSE
  8. i see that time team are busy excavating wildenrath! have they found anything ? or are the germans digging in ?? what with the 60th anniversary of ww2 coming up?what are they doing with those strange white lines by the rmp post ?
  9. Well at least you dont have to contend with a maze of sewerage pipes just to get to your car in the morning, i would positively welcome time team where i am, they might find a few hidden 'knives' around my part of the patch.
    Ooh look, whats that attached to my back!!