Bruggen and its delights.

Is there anyone alive from 12 Flight could give me some information about the jobs?? there{ I watch my wording JOBS.} What is the quarters like for a big familys, and the way of life.

eye in the sky
Im not a pilot (passed grading got my interview in Dec) but i am signals based at Javelin Barracks formally RAF Bruggen.

There are good quarters on camp, i live in a 2 bed that is in excellent condition as it has been P.U.M.Aed (quarter upgrade). There are a surplas of 2 beds. Less 3 beds around but still most are in good nic.

Wildenwrath is an old RAF camp that is now just a quarter area. They have the big 4 beds (2 houses knocked together) and i think im right in saying that they are mostly P.U.M.Aed as well as 3 beds. Wilders (as it is known) is about 15-20 mins drive from the camp. It does have its own NAAFI, swim pool and bar (all ranks).
In the local village (Arsbeck) you will find Hareems a cheap and skanky whore house and club 35 a swanky robe wearing den of ill repute!!

LOA has just risen (sgt no kids is £13 a day).

The mess is large as we have 2 regts, nato tp and 12 flight so the xmas and summer balls are usually good.

Hope this is of some assistance, any other questions then please let me know and ill do my best to help out.


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