Bruggen 10 2004

What a cracking weekend, the Bruggen 10 was this year. Pasta Party was a good session in 'Archie's'; good to see 216 Sig Sqn lads teaching the lads (and lasses) from Bristol UOTC all their drinking games. Kid's race was brill and the main event was fabulous. 21 Signal Regiment were superb. The Hangar Bash was 'topper' and 216 Sqn were brilliant again. 216 don't buy cans of beer, they buy 2 or 3 crates every time they go near the bar - Fantastic display of 'work hard, play hard'.


Happy in Elmpt
Disco - they (216 Sqn) were great! They took the Bristol UOTC students under their wings ( no pun intended) on the Friday night at the Pasta Party. On the saturday they all ran well as 10 miles holds no fears for any of them. On Saturday night they were the life and soul of the party at the Hangar Bash.

They were a credit and they proved a few theories about them to be unfounded. We all enjoyed their company immensely. If I was 20 years younger I would probably give it a go myself.


Happy in Elmpt
COatELMPT said:
If I was 20 years younger I would probably give it a go myself.
also, if you were fitter, if you were better motivated, if you were'nt so ugly, if , if, if...........
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