Discussion in 'Travel' started by skid2, Dec 28, 2012.

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  1. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    So having had a reasonably decent Christmas. Loads of Rioja and Becks instead of Guinness.
    Ms Skid has decided to whisk us off to Bruges in Feb.
    No transport which I always find a disturbing way to travel. No hiking either I believe there's a scooter booked.
    So where? galleries, bars, churches, museums and places where shit has gone bang would be more than acceptable.
    Arriving mon pm and baling on thursday pm
    As always much thanks and a happy new year.

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  2. Beer, lots and lots of beer.
  3. Don't climb the Belfrey if you're a fat ****.
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  4. I was going to recommend "Blanche de Bruges" beer, but it seems that it is extinct now, which is a pity.
  5. Try Rochefort Trappiste 10, awesome beer. Got introduced to it back in 2001 by a French Foreign Legion guy, he was an instructor on the French Commando Course in Givet. He took us over the border into Belgium for an after course piss up. Also took us for a tour of the battlefield around Bastonge, worth doing if you can.
    Anyway, Google that beer, mega strong stuff and lush too.
  6. Just looked it up on Wikipedia, 11.3%, like I said, cracking stuff mate.
  7. Two manky hookers and a racist dwarf. I think I'm heading home.
  8. I shall be off to Belgium next weekend I'm sure it'll be fun.
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  9. So I assume you are looking for the dwarf then?
  10. No I shall be going with a friend and no doubt I'll buy cigarettes. I may have a few beers and perhaps a stroll on the beach.
  11. Duval is not too shabby.
  12. I was thinking Middelkerke if that's how it's spelt. I was there some years ago at some beer festival it was alright.
  13. I paid £8 for a bottle of that ****** in a bar the other day. Mouthed off at the barmaid to no end for "planning an early retirement". Worth every penny. Absolutely lovely.

    Also worth tracking down are Leffe Vielle Cuvee and Hoegaarden Forbidden Fruit. Tough to find, but nice in their own right.
  14. The dirty little ******* can make good beer.
  15. Cherry Beer? And no I'm not going any farther in that direction...