Bruce's Firkin Pubs

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mitchthebar, Jan 4, 2012.

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  1. I was trying to tell some sweaty sock about the "Firkin Brewery" pubs in London in the eighties, anybody else got any memories, bare wooden floors, honky-tonk piano, sawdust etc?
  2. In Southampton there was the "Frog & Frigate", same theme, good ale but the heads seemed fucking miles away about 2 decks down. Full of drunk chaps.
  3. What Happened to the Firkin Pubs | Good Beer, Good Pubs

    Firkin Brewery - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Dogbolter - <<shudders>>. I went to see Del Amitri in Southampton (yes it was that long ago), and we ended up getting a carryout of Dogbolter from the Ferkin pub there and decided to get some greasy burgers and take them back to the Camper for a midnight snack and drinkypoos.

    Oh, the (vague) memories I have of waking up at about 0600hrs on a Sunday morning, realising that the werey monster had visited, shat in my mouth and filled my bladder to bursting point. The joy of it all was that I had to go for a wee at the back of the HSBC and they had more than one CCTV camera there. The staff must have had a good Monday morning. I certainly didn't.
  4. Hi sluggy, not seen you at Twickenham lately. Did you ever get to any of the Firkin pubs in the Smoke?
  5. Not that I am aware of. Joker62 will probably know better........
  6. Not a bad set up really. The first one that i went to the early 80's, was The Fox and Firkin, in Lewisham High Street, opposite Ladywell Swimming baths.

    A sort of lesser version of O'Neils (or better depending on your viewpoint) but pretty basic and full of proper Ale drinkers who definetley were not fashion victims....unless that fashion was sheep herders from the Shetlands.

    Alright for a drink your mates if you intended to stay there all night but hardly any birds to be seen or pulled (..well, apart from the odd Rustic types) so genereally avoided by young blokes out for a shag. We'd head off down the old Kent Road or maybe the Albert in Deptford, then up to Charing Cross.

    There's still a few firkin pubs knocking about in SE London.
    Dogbolter?...oh yes, that got the old head spinning after a few.
  7. Keep forgetting, you're far too young and innocent to remember anything like that.
  8. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    I remember that one, a good lunch time boozer with the pulpit that was available to any pisshead who fancied giving a speech or a sermon.

    I thought it was a different pub that was opposite Ladywell Baths as I don't recall the baths actually being in Lewisham High Street but around the corner near the old Police Station. Could be that I'm confusing it with the Old Ladywell Baths. IIRC that was a bloody good pub as well.

    Did you mean opposite Ladywell Leisure Centre?
  9. Call it what you want, it was always ladywell baths to me. You're right though. Just at the lights where you go off to either Lewisham, Catford or Ladywell station, depending on your direction. It was next door to the firestation. The pub opposite was definately the Fox... used to have good old sing songs round the piano on Friday nights when I was at school.

    The only other memorable one was the Phoneix at Denmark Hill, but that's only cos of their t-shirts. I also seem to recall that it was meant to have been the first one....????
  10. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    Yeah you're right, I was confusing it with the Old baths in Ladywell Road near the nick.

    I had relatives in Crofton Park so I'd stop off at the Fox for a couple on the way from the bus stop in the High St then walk from there.

    I seem to remember that some of the beer was a bit feisty.
  11. The Fox is still there as is the Phoenix, although not Bruces Brewery these days, they got bought out by Mitchell & Butlers or Bass years ago. The Fox is a bit of a dive now.

    The old Police station is now flats and the building next to it, the old Ladywell Gymnastic club is going the same way too.
  12. Believe it or not, they were absolutely nothing to do with our antipodean friends. We are talking good old, decent, proper English pubs, where you went to have a really good drink, of really good English Ale; got wankered and made a complete tit of yourself. That was what having fun was, wasn't it?
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  13. Am I going senile or what? I replied to a comment about these sounding like Australian themed pubs, but when I look now, that comment seems to no longer be there. Help please nurse, I think it's time for my medication.
  14. *cackles evilly*
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