Bruce Ruxton

Discussion in 'Australia' started by exile1, Dec 23, 2011.

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  1. RIP. A straight talking digger who would have been a great PM.
  2. Or a racist and a bigot.

  3. Met him after a speech at an RSL many moons ago and thought he was right then so why should I change my opinion of him?
  4. De mortuis nihil nisi bonum
  5. Does that apply to OBL and Adolf?

    Racist is racist, dead or alive.
  6. Not asking you to change your opinion, merely expressing mine.
  7. In English for the uneducated grasshopper?
  8. I googled it - some crap about it being inappropriate to speak ill of the recently deceased.
  9. Agree with Nige, google the "Ruxton Rap" for those that don't remember. Ruxton was a self interested twat, dead or alive.

    Slop jockey private bordering on the retarded.
  10. Although being a slop jockey doesn't necessarily make him a bad person.

    Yours D. NIlsen
  11. Wasnt he a member of The Jam?
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  12. Got to agree, he was a bit of a liability but I'm sure his intentions were good so RIP.
  13. Its the best time, they cant sue you for slander/libel.
  14. He sort of polarised the veteren community. Some say he was a champion for their cause others felt he made a joke/mockery of veterens. I do remember in the early 80's where there was some sort of discrepancy in his military career - dare I say 'Walt'. Hence my De mortuis nihil nisi bonum statement.
  15. ^ strange that didn't have a go at him. They seem ruthless enough...